Statement of Purpose

I, would be pleased to study in Australia for my post graduation i.e. Master of Information Technology (Professional) related to my previous studies in one of the top universities of Australia, Deakin University. Today my decision to pursue my post graduation in Australia is certainly because of a good helping hand and supports from my parents.

After successfully concluding my secondary schooling with 87.86%, I joined science stream. Without any doubt it was also a subject of my interest. Later, on completion of my higher schooling with 59.

07%, I was in a dilemma to select my career path. At that stage my parents guided me to select Computer Science and Engineering as my career path. I have completed my graduation in the year 2011/12 from The Oxford College of Engineering; Bangalore affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum scoring 61.86% in final semester with the subjects like Data Structures, Unix and Shell Programming, Object Oriented Programming with C++,Database Management System, Web Programming, Data Mining, Information and Network Security, etc.

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During my bachelor degree, I along with other 3 student have also done a project named “Privacy Aware Collaborative Spam Filtering”. I was also selected as a team leader for the project and I lead my team positively to complete it successfully.

After completion of my graduation, I joined Datatech Computers Pvt. Ltd. (Infotech Division) as a Jr. PHP Developer and I am still working with them. I do coding in core PHP to provide the functionality to the projects, which includes the main desktop websites and mobile versions too.

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I even design and manage the databases. I have some experience in WordPress, Joomla and Magento also. In September 2012, I started preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Examination as studying Master after some work experience was there on there on my plan. I feel that opting for post gradation without work experience might not be worth so I took experience and realised that implication of theory in practical environment was quite exciting. I scored overall 7.5 Bands in Academic module of IELTS which was conducted by British Council.

My family has always been a great source of encouragement for me and I have decided to pursue Masters due to their enormous support. My father, Mr. Harish Patel, has done the Diploma in Chemical Engineering and he is running a business successfully since many years. My mother, Mrs. Priti Patel, has finished her graduation in Commerce and owes degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Bombay University.

My paternal uncle, Mr. Ketan Patel, is a biggest inspiration for me. He is a Master in Structural Engineering from V.J.T.I which is affiliated with Bombay University. He has worked with highly professional companies like Tata Consulting Engineers, Mumbai (5 years), Larsen and Toubro Ltd. (13 years) and currently he is with Linde Engineering from last 5 years and designated as D.G.M. He is certified Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt Trainer (from Europe). His successful professional career always encourages me to pursue my goal.

Against all the odds, I decided to study in Australia because it has number of courses related to my interested area. Australia is amongst top developed countries in the world and even economically very strong. Also multi cultured supportive people and pleasant climate adds a feather in making Australia as most preferred and favourable destination for me to study. Among the large number of good and renowned universities, I selected Deakin University to study the course Master of Information technology (Professional).

Deakin University has been established since 1974 and named amongst the top research-intensive universities in the world according to a number of prestigious world academic ranking lists. Deakin has also been named in the top 450 (Overall) and around 370(Engineering and Technology) by the QS World University Rankings 2012, which also awarded Deakin 5-star ratings for the excellence.

Another and major reason for selecting Deakin University is the subjects which I want to learn are systematically framed up as a specialized field called IT security in the above mention course. Also subjects like Advanced Data Mining, Advanced Software Engineering, Service Oriented Architectures and Technologies, Service Management, Database and Information Retrieval, Project Management and Practical Project will help me to learn and enhance my practical knowledge of how the organization works effectively. I had other admission letters but I did not want to compromise on my course and the subjects which I wanted to study.

I have to learn a lot of things in just 2 years of duration which will be tough challenge for me. But I am confident enough to face these challenges firmly and will surely come up with flying colours with the quality of education.

Upon completion of my study in Australia, I will come back to INDIA to be with my family and will definitely find good opportunity in the Indian IT industry. Also as per NASSCOM estimates, the Indian IT industry has displayed potential to transform India into a globally preferred destination for IT services. Development of new opportunities can triple the current addressable market and bring about Indian IT revenue of US$ 225 billion by 2020.

Considering the large untapped demand potential and strong fundamentals, the Indian IT industry is favourably poised to attain a new milestone in terms of revenue by 2020. Also, my current employer has even assured me to take back in the company when I come back.

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