Statement of Need Essay

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Statement of Need

Harnett County ranks 23 percent with children who are in poverty. The economy has put a hardship on families. The effects that families have developed are losing employment, or acquiring to take employment with lower wages. During this economy crisis families are finding it difficult to provide the basic essentials for his or her family. With individuals that have lost his or her job receiving unemployment benefits are just about one third of his or her normal wages.

Families that reside in Harnett County have to go to Department of Social Service to obtain assistance with providing food for his or her family. Families receiving assistance are using Food Stamps, and this has increased to 23 percent and increased by 29 percent in the state of North Carolina. There is a protocol for individuals to qualify for Food Stamps below is a chart of the number of household members and how much the income for the household can have to be eligible for Food Stamp assistance. In figure 1 will show the amount of income per household that individuals can have to qualify for assistance with the service of Food Stamps.

 Some individuals who are receiving unemployment benefits or are receiving disability benefits may exceed the amount to qualify to receive services for assistance with providing food for his or her family. Department of Social Service has a scale that shows how much that a family may be eligible for but after all the individuals income and monthly bills are subtracted out of the amount before taxes most of the time the individual will not get the expected amount of Food Stamps allotment amount in Figure 2.

The evidence to support the problem with families able to feed his or her family is that the employment rate is at 10 percent in Harnett County. With the cost of gas and the cost of living that has gone up it is really hard for families to pay his or her bills and able to buy groceries to feed his or her family. The evidence is that many of churches were host to an organization called the Angel Food Ministries that provided discounted food for individuals who could buy food at a discount price that he or she could afford.

With the Angel Food Ministry shut down these individuals are not able to buy his or her groceries at a discounted amount and to get quality food to feed his or her family. Some of the local churches are providing box meals to families with the counties to help but this is usually done at the holiday such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For example there is a family that resides in the Town of Coats and the mother and father receive disability benefits the parents have a small boy who is nine, and has some developmental disabilities.

The small child went to a neighbor up the road and ask for some food that he was hungry and had not ate all day long. The neighbor gave the small boy some groceries to take home so that the little boy would have something to eat. The neighbor went to the family’s house to see that the family had much of nothing in their house. The neighbor gave the family some more groceries that she brought to make sure that the child had something to eat until the parents could get his or her disability benefits within three days.

This is reason individuals need help with feeding our children in Harnett County. There are so many children who go to school and have a well balanced meal at school but come home and some children do not have anything to eat at home until the next day at school. I want to propose a grant to feed children and families with my town of Coats, NC. I want to provide at least twice a week to make sure that families have a well hot cooked meal and provide sandwiches the other five days. This way with the Town of Coats the citizens will know that each child went to bed with food in his or her stomach.

With children not eating properly can affect children with his or her learning in school daily. Helping feeding families and children will help take the stress off parents trying to worry about he or she will provide food for his or her families. The program will provide hot meals to families in the town twice a week and the other five days families will be given sandwiches and chips and something to drink this will be free of charge will ask for donation from local grocery stores and local business to sponsor the program to help families and children.

The program will also have workshops to help families with looking for jobs in the area and help individuals with filling out application and how to complete a resume to apply for employment with an organization. The program will also provide assistance to help individuals to get on a budget to learn to manage his or her money in a realistic way to learn to save money and learn to help others.

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