Statement of Education Goals and Personal Profile Essay

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Statement of Education Goals and Personal Profile

Personally, I perceive education as the best tool and greatest dependable ally that could assist me in achieving my dreams and aspirations in life. Similar to that of the other students and individuals, I believe that having a sturdy and formal education would enormously help me pursue my goal of further strengthening a sound career in the field of Pharmaceutical industry. Hence, I believe that acquiring a decent doctor of pharmacy degree would further stimulate and strengthen the possibility to attain everything that I wish for, especially in terms of educational and professional goals.

More than anything else, I decided to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy mainly because I believe that I got what takes to be a good Pharmacist or a major practitioner in this type of healthcare service. I am well determined to learn and always inclined to excel in all the things that I do. More so, I wanted to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy in order to perform a more vital and helpful role in the process of healthcare service by having greater knowledge with regard to Pharmacy. Being in service for the people has always been my passion and my personal comfort zone.

As time passes by, helping people and doing meaningful job has been a wonderful source of happiness and fulfillment for me, personally. Hence, I believe that pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy would further assist and equip me to continuously give sensible service for the people in the area of pharmacy. Given that the practice of pharmacy has become more complicated nowadays, acquiring a higher degree in the said field of study would enable me to effectively respond and attend on the challenges in the practice of pharmacy.

Thus, I primarily decided to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy to further educate myself and to be able to meet the modern and growing demands in this line of work. Furthermore, I decided to have a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in order to uplift my confidence and credibility in this line of work. Without any doubt, this would definitely help me to be more self-assured in giving meaningful and obliging recommendations for other healthcare professionals and patients.

Nonetheless, the decision to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy is made through my dedication in the said field and my desire to take part in a more advance role in the practice of pharmacy. This is in order to ensure that I could have a better future and greater position to render service for the people as well as continuously improve on the job that I loved. Apart from obtaining Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy, my other goal is to become the best father that I could be for my two young children and a great husband.

In this precious life of mine, they serve as the fountain of happiness and motivation that energize me to bravely face the challenges of life. Though I would be very busy doing work and studying at the same time, I plan to achieve this goal by orderly and responsibly managing my time in such a way that I could still have quality time with my family. I value my family like the way I give importance to my own personal life. This is mainly because they are always there for me no matter what the situation is.

My family never fails to give the love and care that I need, more especially during the most challenging moments and the darkest hour of my life. I love them as much as they love me and I would take care of them in the most positive way I could. Compounding and making total parental nutrition are the areas that capture my interest in the practice of pharmacy. These are not readily available to use. It has to be made on the individual needs of patients and requires a lot of calculations. This mainly interests me because I like doing calculation and being very precise.

As an individual, I would describe myself as a family oriented and loving person. I give great value to life and render huge respect to other people and every being in this world. As a friend, I would say that I am the type of person who is trustworthy and loyal. I am the right individual whom my family and friends can depend-on, more especially during the most crucial and challenging moments. Personally, I am the type of person who is a bit shy, but not necessarily unconfident. I wish to be more outspoken and I believe I could do that by being true to myself and genuine to other people.

Though I got enough self confidence, I know I still have to be more at-ease and self-assured in public speaking. On the other hand, I consider that my determination and work ethic are the strongest aspects of my personality. I am the type of individual who is dedicated and passionate to always do my best in order to exceed the level of expectation in everything that I do. Given a chance to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, I plan to further help and assist the people whom I vowed to serve in this line of work. More so, I would continue to proudly participate and contribute in a more vital role in the entire process of healthcare.

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