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Critical Issues Paper

...Computer-aided dispatch instruments offer faster and more effective methods of communicating with law enforcement officers than in the past . Computer-aided 911 and the 311 dispatch systems helps dispatchers and law enforcement officers to prioritize calls for service. It also enhances law enforcement officer's safety by monitoring the officer's status, it alerts dispatchers to officers who have not updated their field status. Records management system instruments are used to input and organize ...

Correctional Subculture

...In conclusion, few officers endorse and publicize subcultural values, whereas the majorities, who are silent, privately believe in different values. In fact, his morals tend to make judgments on their own. This can be based on his religion; what is good or bad based on what is morally wrong, utilitarianism; a bad action turning into a good deed (a selfless act), natural law; universally acceptable and ethical formalism; the intent of good will. According to Thomson and Wadsworth (2005), correct...

Crime and Victimization

...Retrieved July 27, 2013 from http://www. foxnews.com/us/2013/07/21/three-bodies-found-wrapped-in-plastic-in-cleveland/ (February 21, 2013). Aric Alexander Smith. www. wusa9. com. Retrieved July 27, 2013, from http://www. wusa9. com/news/article/244584/256/Aric-Alexander-Smith-Charged-With-Murder-Robbery-In-Shooting-Death-Of-Gregory-Lee-Holley-Sr-In-Woodbridge-Va Siegel and Worrall. 2013. Essentials of Criminal Justice. (N. D. ) Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom murders. www. knoxnews. com. R...

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The benefits of federalism to business outweigh the disadvantages in Australia

...2001. Ten Advantages of Federal Constitution: An how to make the most out of them. The Centre for Independent Studies. Viewed 28th April 2009 (Online) http://www. cis. org. au/policy/summer00-01/polsumm0001-8. pdf. Walker, G. 1995. ‘The Tribunal Trap’, Australia and World Affairs 8, (Autumn 1991), 53. The High Court restored some legal rigour to this area in Brandy v Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (1995) 183 CLR245, 69ALJR 191 Wheeldon, J. (Hon). 1997. ‘Federalism: One of De...

Borders between countries should be banned

...There are several reasons that borders between countries ought to be banned. To start with, they impede trades in between nations because, countries use various commercial laws. Secondly, borders avoid free movement of capitals in the world. For example, international business must take permission from a country to transfer their capital to another country. Lastly, human capitals are restricted totally free motion between countries. For example, workers in low-income nations can not operate in d...

The Impact of Community Service

...Community service is a positive way of making the community a better place for everyone. If we can approach community service, and raise the standard so maybe the everyday person can once again rise to the heroic levels that are so badly needed to turn around the world and make it better. People need to stop being so selfish and start learning to give up some worldly possessions and help others in need. Imagine a world where everyone gave up one hour a day to help a cause or someone? The world w...

Jeffersonian Republicanism vs. Jacksonian Democracy

...The Jacksonians embodied the American spirit, and so perfectly displayed the ability to climb from the very bottom to the very top. Jacksonians personified hope in a nation where hope was desperately needed. The growing lower and middle classes fought endlessly for their rights, which were continually denied by those in power. Jackson knew the plight of the poor, and during his administration, he made many efforts to return the country to the people. Both Jeffersonian Republicanism and Jacksonia...

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

...One knows that unpleasant experiences with the police affect individual opinions. Ideally, an officer's decision-making is based on his code of ethics. However, within many grey areas, the issues of loyalty force and discretion makes the process very difficult. Sykes (1989) states, "Professional ethics is extremely crucial to the image of law enforcement as a professional" (pp. 141-142). An officer has a responsibility to the whole community in a manner such as will inspire trust and confidence...

Tax Audit and Tax Investigation in Malaysia

...Mike Moffatt (2009). Income taxes- government spending on infrastructure. The effect of income tax on economic growth. Retrieved 27 February, 2009, from http://economics.about.com/cs/taxpolicy/a/taxing_growth_3.htmT Pettinger (n.d.). Advantages of tax cuts. Retrieved 26 February, 2009, from http://www.economicshelp.org/2008/01/advantages-of-tax-cuts.htmlTax policy (2009). Fiscal and tax policy. Retrieved 27 February, 2009, from http://www.ceocouncil.ca/en/fiscal/tax_policy.phpThe purpose of tax ...

Morality, Meet Brave New World

...The government's different conditioning techniques, intentional drug use, manipulation of religion and view that everyone belongs to and works for everyone else are used to benefit society in creating useful citizens. The consequences are a loss of dignity, values and emotions - in short, a loss of humanity. This is the idea of extreme socialist morality that takes place in the book. This version of society reflects the current society's economic values - individual happiness is the satisfaction...

Non-Profit Management Case Study: Greenhill Community Center

...Inviting guest speakers or lecturers to the Center for the employees, this will be more focused on the issues about ethical, so the staff will be working professional, and the director will know how to deal with this type of issues, prevent the sexual abuse be happened again. And about the diversity training, it is important that Greenhill serve the community with multi culture and religions, the staff are required to serve with people with different background, also the Center needs to recruit ...

Public Perception of Police

...Koenig, D.J. (n.d.) Police perceptions of public respect and extra-legal use of force: a reconsideration of folk wisdom and pluralistic ignorance. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 1(3), 313-324. Retrieved April 26, 2009, from http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=sih&AN=13959331&site=ehost-livedatabaseConnolly, C.P. (2001). In Defense of Police. The National Executive Institute Associates (NEIA). Retrieved April 27, 2009, from http://www.neiassociates.org/defense.htmSta...

Role of Chief Executive Officer in Strategic Managment

...A CEO searches various alternative strategies, evaluates them, and chooses the best alternative for implementation. This role is very similar to decisionmaking role described by Mintzberg. Selected strategy requires effectiveimplementation that is to design effective resources, leadership, andorganizational structure. A CEO not only implements strategies in his or herleadership but also allocates resources, defines organizational structure, andoperationalizes the strategic elements. The CEO als...

Technology and Law Enforcement

...The use of technology by the community has definitely changed how the general public responds to crime and the threat thereof. With these new abilities however, comes greater responsibility for the individual. For when does the ability to delve into someone's background turn from righteous knowledge, to invading someone's privacy? Or, when does CCTV in public places cross the line of public security and wander into the touchy realm of individual privacy?ConclusionTechnology has given criminals n...

Were The Upper And Lower Canada Rebellions in 1837 a Success?

...The rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837 were significant events that affected the future of Canada. These rebellions were the first step toward confederation because it allowed others to see Canadas flaws, which, in the end, resulted in the a greater nation from coast to coast- one united Canada. Because of this vast country, Canada continues to remain properous in every aspect- politically, socially and economically, and because the rebelliosn led to a some-what democratic government (...

Bureaucracy and self-government

...In addition he has written and published numerous book chapters; peer reviewed and non-reviewed articles; book reviews; conference papers and reports covering a very wide array of thoughts, principles and theories in American politics, government, administration policies. (Brian J. Cook Curriculum Vitae, 2008, pages 1-2) Works Cited: Cook, Brian J. Bureaucracy and Self-Government: Reconsidering the Role of Public Administration in American Politics John Hopkins University Press, 1996 Brian J. Co...

Google Case "Don't be evil"

...It doesn't matter to the company to be criticized, or if it lose people trust around the world, because the only thing they believed is to try to give to users the access to Google.com from within China. But Google had to face some more problems, others than the criticism. I mean, the censoring would really have affected the company search results, because if a user tries to search an ensured term, he would be re-directed to a non-censored site or the browser would stop. But Google risks a brand...

The Eddie Stobart business

...Develop and take care of the delivery of a national fundraising marketing and communications programme including digital, web and offline, working with the press team. Make sure all marketing activities exactly reflect the RSPCAs brand. To grow in combination with the local team, suitable support materials, training workshops and advice surgeries. Develop and achieve local volunteer recruitment drives. Keep understanding of good practice, market trends, competitor activity and controlling requir...

Democrats vs. Republicans

...Both political parties have a lot of different opinions. It is up to the voter to decide which party they feel has similar beliefs. Democrats and Republicans have very strong beliefs and only some now a days try to follow the ways for when the original parties were in session. In conclusion, the difference between a liberal and a conservative can no longer be defined within the constraints of the Constitution of the United States. In America today, the answer to this question can only be answere...

Effects of Corruption on Economic Growth

...Then, Corruption may distort the composition of government expenditure. Corruption may tempt government officials to choose government expenditures less on the basis of public welfare than on the opportunity they provide for extorting bribes. Large projects whose exact value is difficult to monitor may present lucrative opportunities for corruption. A priori, one might expect that it is easier to collect substantial bribes on large infrastructure projects or high-technology defense systems than...

Examination Day and Harrison Bergeron

...So many weights that he "looked like a walking junkyard." On top of it all, he is so handsome that they gave him a clown nose, shaved off his eyebrows, and blacked out his teeth. Also, Harrison is so frightening that he is arrested "on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government." The government's news bulletin describes him as "a genius and an athlete, […] under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous." In conclusion, both "Examination Day" and "Harrison Bergeron" exa...

Exclusionary Rule

...The exclusionary rule was created almost one hundred years ago. The rule will continue to be reformed and transformed as time goes on. Although there may be a substantial argument pertaining to the issue, we need the exclusionary rule. Undoubtedly the rule has an abundance of justifications compared to its fallacies. It was stated loud and clear by the framers some two hundred years ago what rights we as American people possess. The exclusionary rule is a major backbone of the judicial system of...

The Importance of Sex Education in Today's Schools

...There is no doubt that sex education in today's schools is a controversial issue, however, it must continue to be taught. Children who do not receive proper instruction on this topic at home need a place where they can receive accurate information regarding sexuality. Furthermore, this academic subject will help students learn the skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health and avoid negative sexual outcomes. Finally, it is so important for sex education to be taug...

Importance of sovereignty

...Similarly, "sovereignty" implies a right against interference or intervention by any foreign (or international) power. Therefore, one can easily see the logical connection between the sovereignty concepts and the very foundations and sources of international law. If sovereignty implies that there is "no higher power" than the nation-state, then it is argued that no international law norm is valid unless the state has somehow "consented" to it. Of course, treaties (or "conventions") almost always...

Police Abuse

...The United States Constitution guarantees certain rights for everyone, and is the very backbone of this country. If these rights are to be ignored, either through permissive laws enacted by law enforcement against private citizens, or through a lack of maintenance of existing protective legislation, private citizens; which means the entire country, will become paralyzed. Because of this, the opportunity and freedom which this country is built on must be enforced, and those charged with doing so ...

Politics In India

...Corruption in a democratic government can scare divert resources from poor and disadvantage the citizens. However, corruption continues unchecked because people in India turn away from involvement on how the country is being governed and put little interest in elections, because of their trust in politicians is damaged. Along with corruption, criminalization of politics has major concerns over the years. Politics in India has become lucrative and beneficial business, criminals can invest money a...

War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

...Hedges writes that it is nationalism that divides people on the basis of their culture, ethnicity, language, etc. Nationalism teaches nation to consider itself either superior or minor. Actually, nationalism is one of the most frequently observed causes of war nowadays. Culture is seen as the victim of war as war applies cultural peculiarities to its own purposes. Finally, the author assumes that religion is the only ultimate power that can resist war. Charity, kindness, love and humanity are ab...

Cyber law

...House Research Organization. Texas House of Representative, http://www. hro. house. state. tx. us/focus/identity78-18. pdf (accessed June 8, 2007) L. Foley. 2003. Enhancing Law Enforcement–Identity Theft Communication. Identity Theft Resource Center. http://www.. idtheftcenter. org (accessed June 8, 2007) Phyllis P. McDonald, 2006. A national strategy to combat identity theft. Johns Hopkins University. Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U. S. Department of Justice, http://www. sec...

Digital India

...The vision of Digital India aims to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The programme will be implemented in phases from the current year till 2018. The Digital India is transformational in nature and would ensure that Government services are available to citizens electronically. It would also bring in public accountability through mandated delivery of governments services electronically. A Unique ID e-Pramaan based on authentic and standard based inte...

Elections and democracy

...In addition, during election campaign, the campaign ground wasn’t level as the ruling party had all the resources to propel a smooth and prosperous campaign which gave the ruling party a strong upper hand in the game. They could use any resources ranging from public vehicles, money and power to curtail other parties’ ability to campaign properly. The ruling party could easily buy anyone to fake defection and pay up the chiefs or headmen in order to belong to the their side, but at the same t...

Global Citizenship

...I will make purchases carefully, taking into account the social and environmental factors of the creation and transport of all consumer goods and also minimize the waste I produce so as make a positive impact on the environment. I will build awareness about issues of social and environmental justice in any and all communities that I am a part of. In whatever field I find myself employed, I will do everything I can to ensure that it adheres to the utmost standards of social and environmental cons...

Writing Proficiency Exam Paper

...It is possible for communities to adapt to stressors in positive ways. In my opinion, a person has the power to choose how they want to react to certain stimulus. So, if an individual has this power, why not a community? For example, if someone were to spit on the local mayor, this technically constitutes an assault. The mayor could call the sheriff and have the man arrested and jailed; however, the mayor could first try to talk with the individual to come to an understanding of the person’s i...

Sample Acknowledgement


Government policies

...Tuition fees are probably one of the negatives about attending further-education. If you’re attending University then expect an expensive fee after your course that you are required to pay back each month. Many graduates are still paying their fees even after 5-10 years. The main reason why society is affected by the fees is because less people are attending university purely because it’s too costly. Even after graduation, you are not guaranteed a job so some people become jobless while hav...

Whether The Internet Should Be Censored

...In conclusion, a vast of detrimental effects is caused by the Internet. There are three main reasons: negative information, threat to national security, cybercrime. More specifically, the Internet with some negative information could seriously affect children, and Internet can help spies to steal countries' secrets, and clearly enables lawbreakers commit a crime easily. For the above-mentioned reasons, it seems reasonable to expect governments to censor or limit the Internet in order to safer ne...

The effectiveness of the criminal justice system

...These sentencing procedures are effective because they encourage rehabilitation over punitive measures. In more serious offences the young offender is obliged to consider the consequences of their actions. A custodial sentence is a judicial sentence, imposing a sentence consisting of mandatory custody of the offender, either in jail or in a closed therapeutic and/or educational institution. This form of sentencing has shown a significant decrease in reoffending rates. Youth offenders high inclin...

FAQ about State

"Lord of the Flies": Why Ralph is the Best Leader

...When it comes to the greater good of civilization and having a fair administration, Ralph is the best leader on the island. His leadership skills, organizational skills, moral principles, and other democratic character traits are all crucial for a ch ...

What makes me, me ?

...In conclusion I think that everyone is unique for the way that they have been raised and the choices they have chosen to make through out their life. I love my life and I do not regret anything that has happened and believe that everything happens fo ...

How nature of crime presented by the media

...Tiby, E. (2009). Stranger-Danger or Fear of the Near? Accounts on Fear of Sexual Abuse. _Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention_. Retrieved from http://pdfserve.informaworld.com.libraryproxy.griffith.edu.au/999873_7513131 ...

How to Make College More Affordable

...We need to re-evaluate our country's spending priorities, and recognize that global competiveness will be increasingly based around our ability as a nation to compete in a technologically advancing world. The current cost of higher education puts our ...

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