State of women in our society Essay

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State of women in our society

Woman is one of the best creatures of the universe. She has been equally endowed with in terms of intellect, prudence and rights as man has been. The state of woman in Pakistan as compared to man are awfully miserable. She is badly victim of domestic violence and sexual assaults at working places. She is indeed meted out with massive atrocity and injustice. She is being denied her due social, economic, political and financial rights. She suffers badly in pursuit of her fundamental rights.

Surprisingly enough, she has been deprived of her basic birth right of education which is the best source of women empowerment. It is only education that can empower her not only socially but also financially and professionally. It will be because of education that helps her widen the mental horizon. Thus, it is an undeniable fact that provision of education to every ordinary woman on the basis of equality can considerably change her fate. Undoubtedly, education plays a role of backbone in the development of woman at every level. The state of rural women as compared to urban ones needs urgent attention.

The rural women are undergoing worst experiences at the hands of feudal lards. The have been kept vastly ignorant of their fundamental rights such as education, health, participation in politics, professional and financial liberty. They being illiterate and uneducated cannot fight for their basic rights. This gruesome state of woman is just because of lack of education. Inevitably enough, poor economic condition of woman has badly told upon state of woman. She has no say in any domestic affairs of life. She has been victim of male dominance. It is only male, who is to wield power in both domestic and private affairs of life.

Whether it be choice of marriage, casting votes and some other financial and professional matters. There is another social evil of our society which is feudalism. It wipes out the entire factors which help woman to be empowered. It has really become a stumbling block in woman Empowerment. This social evil urgently needs to be addressed so that the chances of woman empowerment can became possible in the near future.

Truly speaking, the poor state of woman can only be improved by promoting education ranging from primary to higher level and opening up the doors of opportunity for jobs in different departments. So that they can become socially, economically, politically and professionally strong.

Illiteracy indeed is a big obstacle to the social, economic and political development of woman. It has rendered common woman the helpless, voiceless
and ignorant of their basic privileges. They being illiterate and under privileged cannot voice against the atrocities meted out to them. They have been reduced to extreme voracity and hunger.

The developed nations of the world are encouraging woman empowerment by promoting standard education to women. Thus, they become strong not only socially and economically but also politically and professionally while the less developed countries are questing for foreign aid in terms of female education and spends a negligible amount of education and the rest of the amount is to be swallowed by the corrupt people and overlooking the standard of female education.

As a result, most of the women remain illiterate and become unaware about their birth rights of education. Finally, if education is given to women, they can easily become able to snatch their fundamental rights. They can also become capable of doing profession and thus avoiding the pangs of hunger and voracity. Truly speaking, promotion of education among women can enable them to be economically and politically strong. Thus, they will stop depending upon their parents in terms of financial support.

It is well said that poverty is the mother of crime or revolution. So far it has not brought about revolution in society but it has surely raised the ratio of crime in society. Poverty and illiteracy are inextricably interwoven with each other. Illiteracy breeds poverty and poverty creates crime and crime disrupts the whole social economic.

As a result, not only the women but also the entire society suffers at the hands of poverty. There is no doubt about it that poverty has rendered common women unable to attain even primary education. Thus many a woman falls prey to it becoming helpless and fed up. It is only because of poverty that woman is socially, economically and politically weak. If all women were rich enough to deal with all affairs of life, they could exercise enormous influence in every spheres of life.

They usually depend on their male members in terms of economic and social security. Resultantly, they turn, to be enormously weak and fragile. Poverty has really affected on the creative ability of women. It has bred numerous hindrances in the way of women’s intellectual development. As it is rightly said that hungry man is angry man. It means when you are hungry, you are not in a position to do any work effectively. Thus it can safely be said that if poverty remains intact then there is a greater unlikelihood of women empowerment and the state of poor woman cannot improve in near future.

Feudalism is a greater impediment to social, economic and political development of women. It has utterly damaged the state of women in Pakistan. Feudalistic attitude in any society is not a good omen. It often discourages national development of a country. Regrettably enough, the state of women in Pakistan has been reduced to the beasts and animals. It is only feudal who exercise absolute power over women and their male member are at their call and back. They dare not voice against their opinions or views.

They are their slaves and nothing more. The poor farmers whether male or female heavily depend on them for their livelihood. They have no any source of income except harboring the fields of landlords. Moreover, feudalism is a huge hindrance to educational development whether it is for girls or boys. They don’t allow the government to build schools in their premises. If government does this forcibly such schools soon are turned into go downs or animals quarters. As a result, no girl and boy can get education.

They think that if they acquire education, then we will not be able to lead them by their nose. In this way, they want to keep them illiterate throughout life so that they may not be able to demand of their basic rights. Surprisingly enough, it is feudal who promote culture of honor killing and discourage the factors leading towards better state of women.

The Institutions of Pakistan are judiciary, parliament and executive. All of them are almost failed to provide social, political and economic justice to women. The reasons as to why they are failure in provision of social, economic and political justice is discussed below respectively. Judiciary: It is well said that justice delayed justice denied.

It means that just judiciary plays a vital role in catering immediate justice. But here the condition of justice is painfully miserable. The person seeking for immediate justice and it is found nowhere in our society. Poor women are suffering from sheer injustice at the hands of judiciary. It has become absolutely incapable of imparting justice. It has become dishonest and corrupt. Corruption has died down their economic and making those living dead.

Parliament is one of the great institutions of Pakistan. It consists of the elected representatives of the four provinces. It is a supreme power of the country. It legislate various bills and policies for the betterment of the country. It has passed a number of laws for innumerable purposes of the country; so far it has also passed many a law for protection of women rights.

Different governments have passed different ordinances and laws for the social and economic security of women. Zia regime passed hudood ordinance in which women were safeguarded against sexual assaults and adultery. Qazf was also promoted in his regime for the social security of women. Qazf is a false allegation of adultery against woman, if it proves false; the man will be subject to punishment. Musharraf government encouraged woman empowerment at a considerable level various ordinances were passed for enhancement of woman empowerment. Woman protection bill was also enacted in his regime which further made woman socially strong.

After the overthrow of Musharraf government the government of Pakistan people’s party came and passed a law of domestic violence against woman and the laws of sexual harassment against woman at working places were passed. Thus they strengthened the position of woman in society. In spite of all the bills or laws the poor woman is still in a pitiable condition. These laws are passed in the parliament but when it comes to implementations the things appear quite contrary. As a result a woman who is extremely poor and has no access to attain justice suffers at the hands of weak institutions.

Parliament makes different laws and executive implements it in a country. But the implementation of law is least to be found in this country. Law enforcement agencies are themselves victim of corruption. They have failed to enforce law in the country effectively. Police department concerned with crime happening every day in the country has not yielded positive results in terms of reducing crime.

The poor women who are daily victimized at the hands of certain criminals are not given adequate and human treat men by the police officials. Women are insecure when they are in the custody of police. They are inevitably prone to sexual assaults by the police officials. The women who came in quest of relief fall prey to brutal treatment by the concerned officials. We need to think about it and it will have to take a way out for the securities of women so that they cannot fall succumb to their brutal and beast- like treatment in near future.

Lack of political awareness has also wreaked havoc on the socio-economic and political development of women. They are being politically unaware do not yearn for their political rights. Undoubtedly, political awareness can further strengthen the position of women in every walk of life. After being politicized, they will earn greater knowledge about the political issues all over the world.

Thus they will begin snatching their basic political and economic rights. The role of politicians for the widespread political activism among women has not been satisfactory enough. Indeed, they are supposed to be politicizing women about vari0ous issues pertaining to women’s political rights. This poor and miserable state of women has greatly affected to their contribution in political affairs of life. Surprisingly enough, most of the women do not know about the value of their votes.

They are quite ignorant of it and do not ponder over it that it can play a decisive role in helping any party to win by the margin of one vote. It is the crying need of the hour that our politicians should take this issue very seriously so that the state of poor and wretched women can be improved not only politically bout also socially and economically.

Cultural barriers are too big hindrances to the socio-economic development of women. It has ruthlessly marred the state women especially in Pakistan. Rigid and narrow attitude of male members toward women have helplessly made women dependent and short sighted. It is surprising to say, that Pakistani society is male-domestic as well as private affairs of life.

It has massively rendered women helpless, voiceless and destitute. The state of miserable women cannot improve until cultural barriers of our society be rationalized and educated well. So that the condition of women can considerably be altered in terms of professional, social and economic liberty. Most of the people do not allow their children especially daughters to do a job and they think it to be a bad omen for them. It is their mindsets that disallow their children doing a job.

As a result, many a woman suffers professionally and economically. When their as a question of marriage at their whim. Women or girls are not given the permission for their choice marriage as they remain under the thumb of male members who are to exercise absolute power in do most affairs of life. Thus women experience sheer injustice at the hands of parents. As a result, women have been chained in cultural chains which restrict their personal freedom. Finally, the women empowerment cannot be developed unless they are given professional and financial liberty.

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