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State of Massachusetts stand Essay

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State of Massachusetts stand

The State of Massachusetts has become the 42nd state in the U. S to develop anti bully laws that are to be putt up in the schools (Clabough, 2010). The anti bully laws are one of the strongest laws that are against the bullying behavior being carried out in schools. The law which was developed in May of this year is very strict and requires all the schools within the state to protect their students from bullying and they must abide by this law (GLAD, 2010).

This law applies to all the school regardless of whether they are private or public. It clearly defines the behavior of bullying and includes any repeated hostility that is directed to a student whether written, verbal or even if it is technologically spread. The technological methods include mass communication form of media that the victim can access directly or indirectly. It has taken into consideration the use of social media like facebook that are used to bully victims by writing on their walls.

The law has made it compulsory for every school in the state with the exception of some private schools to have an anti bully policy that should be posted on the websites of the schools and made available to any student or parent that may need it (“Chapter 92 of the Acts of 2010,” 2010). The law also states that the policy should among others have procedures that should be followed whenever a bullying case is reported by a student.

Disciplinary actions should also be stipulated in the policy clearly according to the law together with the procedures for notifying the parents of any cases that may involve their children bullying or being bullied. It further stipulates that the schools should offer counseling services to the victims of the bullying as well as the bullying themselves. According to the Massachusetts law, the teachers and the school administrators should undergo some training to be in a position to handle the bullying cases in the schools and also come up with ways of preventing them from happening (GLAD, 2010).

The training should also make them aware of the causes of bullying and various types of incidences that make up cyber bullying. The law has also given the teachers the mandate to report the cases of bullying once they notice them to the relevant authorities. School administrators should also be in able to investigate the reports of bullying and carry out disciplinary action on the students involved. Students within the state are required by the law to know and understand the behavior of bullying. The schools should be able to teach them this information and make them understand.

This includes the children who are in between the ages of kindergarten and those that are in grade 12 (GLAD, 2010). The students should be taught how to prevent bullying and how to handle the bullies appropriately. They should also know the differences that exist among the children who bully them and why they bully them. The law has been very effective in the region and cases of bullying have been seen to have reduced significantly. Conclusion Bullying is a serious issue that is affecting very many children in the schools and has been going on for a very long time now.

There is need to come up with a method that will help eliminate its existence especially the new form of bullying that has emerged that is the cyber bullying. Anti bully laws can help eliminate this kind of bullying together with the other forms of bullying that have been in practice. Cyber bullying is hard to detect but its consequences can be very damaging as witnessed by the Phoebe Prince Case. The existence of such anti bully laws like the one in Massachusetts can help deter the bullies from carrying it out due to the harsh measures that are taken against them once they are caught.

The laws can also place more responsibility and give the teachers and school administrators more authority to stop the behavior and deal with the bullies. Need to ban bullying in schools, law needed to be passed now. Parents can also be sensitized by the need to monitor the behavior of their children especially when they are using the internet. Many of the students have been reported to take part in some of the cyber crimes and as more and more students join and continue to use the internet and other technological devices, the cyber bullying may continue. It is therefore very important that laws are established especially in the U.S to help curb the behavior before it evolves further and becomes uncontrollable. ?

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