State and Federal Prison System Essay

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State and Federal Prison System

State and federal prison systems are alike in many ways but they also have many differences that make them very unique. Sometimes the state and federal prisons house inmates that are charge with the same type of crimes, but on a different level. Federal prison usually house inmates for white collar crimes and the state prisons are known to house inmates with blue collar crimes. The state prison system has been around since the early 1800’s with prisons like the Sing Sing State Prison. Sing Sing is one of the oldest state prison and it is still in use today. The state prison system has completely changed but keeping some of the same principles. Since the start of the prison system each state growth has been a rising issue. Many states have to put millions of dollars to their prison system. The federal prison system started back in the 1890’s but it was not until 1930 that president Hoover signed a bill establishing a federal prison system that would actually start the building of actual federal facilities.

The federal system had been relying on the state and local levels of government to house their prisoners. This was a huge help for the federal system because it would ease the payment of prisoners being held at the state and local levels. The growth of federal system continues to rise since the United States government created more federal laws with the times of bank robberies and other white collar crimes. There are many types of state correctional facilities that have different types of security levels. The state prison levels include level one, minimum, level two, medium, and level three, high and a recently added in the last decade level four super maximum security. In the state of Florida we have four levels community, minimum, medium, and close custody. The security levels in the federal prison includes, minimum, low, medium, high, and administrative. In the federal prisons their security levels classify both the inmates and the institutions, while in the state prisons different custody level inmates are all housed in multi-level prison.

There are many types of criminals that are incarcerated within a state prison system that includes drug dealers, murders, sex offenders, and even habitual driving while are suspend offenders. The main type of offender within the federal prisons today is ex political officials, law enforcement officials, judicial officials, major drug cartel offenders and immigrants who have crossed over the borders of the United States more than one time. In conclusion, the state prison system and the federal prison system have the same concept which is keeping those who are accused and convicted in a court of law in the United States of America incarcerated and away from the public. Given the facts of rising crime in the United States today we can assume that there would be a larger growth in the institutions that our 50 states will operate.

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