Starting middle school essay Essay

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Starting middle school essay

The night before middle school, I had mixed feelings. I was kind of nervous but excited at the same time about starting middle school. I had spent the day with my best friend, Mindy, swimming in her backyard. Afterwards, I came home and packed my school supplies in my backpack and ate dinner. I had a hard time sleeping that night because so many things were racing through my head. I worried if I would have any classes with my friends and if I would have nice teachers.

I woke up early the next morning and I was still feeling a little nervous but also really excited! When I got to school, I met up with all my friends and compared our schedules. My classes were math, P. E. , reading, core, rotation/ communications, and science. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Latz, Ms. McHale, and Mr. Yu because they were really nice and they made their classes interesting and fun! My favorite classes were the ones taught by my favorite teachers. I found my classes just fine but I was always rushed to get to class on time.

It was especially hard when I had to go from one end of campus to the other. Also, at brunch, I only had ten minutes and the bathroom lines were so long, that I didn’t get to eat my snack. At lunch, I only had thirty minutes to eat and I hardly had enough time to go to the bathroom because the lines were still long! I’m sure it will get easier after a couple of days. I had hoped that I would have some classes with my best friends. I also expected to see some kind of bullying on the first day.

I definitely thought I would have some mean teachers. However, none of my best friends were in any of my classes. I never saw any bullying all day. I was relieved when I had no mean teachers. Middle school is completely different from elementary, but I think like it. Unlike elementary, middle school has seven different classes and teachers. There is a pool, a gymnasium, and there are definitely more kids. Thankfully, my first day of middle school went pretty well. I think it is going to be a great year! By: Rachel Gieseke PM Core, 9/2/11.

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