Stargirl loves Leo Essay

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Stargirl loves Leo

The Stargirl fad is now dying at Mica Area High. Leo Borlock, though always find much excitement and purpose in the company of Stargirl Caraway, was beginning to feel the sharp rub from the spillover of Stargirl’s shunning. After Leo received a good douse of love from Stargirl’s huge sign painted with “STARGIRL LOVES LEO” and, afterwards, abject rejection by his school, he begged Stargirl to change and be “normal”.

This conformity gave birth to “Susan”, a girl who is everything but “Stargirl”. However, it was not enough. May brought the final days of Stargirl at Mica High until she disappeared the day after her most glorious night at the Ocotillo Ball. Her disappearance eventually forced Leo to reflect upon his life and found peace and contentment knowing that at least, someone was bold enough to love and care for him for who he was and will continue to do so even after it all.

A celebration of the pure essence of nonconformity, the book draws readers to reflect on their own circumstances and find out which character are they unconsciously playing in reality—the individualistic and exotic “Stargirl”, the indecisive Leo, or one with the Mica Area High crowd who finds comfort in being just like everyone else.

In the form of normal teen-age circumstances and decisions, the book effectively conveys its stand on the serious social issue of conformity. The mesh of light humor, drama and love that was meant for both the young and old, in the end, brings a resounding resolution to that certain point in our lives where we find ourselves pondering on how to discover our own purposes—do we seek it in our own terms or must we still care for another’s opinion?

Certain instances during my reading process brought me to reflect deeply on some issues I have found that piqued my interest and some that left me with so many questions. This in turn made me realize that it would greatly help if I could have someone with me to whom I could disclose my insights and whose insights, in turn, would help compensate for the issues I failed to understand.

This experience will help me learn from and acknowledge the opinions of my students as well when discussing lessons that warrant such rapport. Though, as a teacher, I would be personally responsible for the learning process of my students, I know that there would be instances where I would fail to maximize that responsibility if I do not recognize their ideas and insights as well. Bibliography Spinelli, J. (2000). Stargirl. New York: Dell Laurel-Leaf.

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