Stanton/Declaration of Sentiments Essay

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Stanton/Declaration of Sentiments

A particular member of the family may assume a different position in life other than what has been lived for. Such assumption of appropriate roles in the society and within the course of human lives must be in line with the laws of nature and of what has been entitled by nature’s God. The consent of the governed must also be the primary basis and foundation of the exercise of governmental powers. The rationale of this principle is to make sure that all people would be guided on the truth that all men are created equal before the eyes of God.

Hence, just powers are exercised to allow all men and women to hold inalienable rights as human beings. As no one is above the law, people are given the right to refuse allegiance to a government that does not promote the equality of all men and the necessity that just powers must be derived from the consent of the governed. The governmental discretion and power to improve the lives of the people must not be changed for the sake of temporary results and personal interests.

Thus, people are given the right to overthrow a government that does not embody the ideals and security of the people in general. In connection, women are aware that they should be considered equal with men in terms of basic civil and political rights. Many women has suffered the inequality that exists in the society, therefore they must be given the chance to acquire the same rights with men of which they are entitled to hold.

The historical condition of the plight of women on the hands of men is not good. Reports on facts with respect to repeated injuries and usurpations committed by males against women are glaring and deserves attention by all. Historically, women are not allowed to vote or be voted upon, forced to abide by the laws without giving the right to be heard in cases of violation to the same, and made slaves to their husbands in the guise of the covenant of marriage.

There are countless reasons to consider women as equal with men, and they insist that there should be an immediate admission of all rights and privileges which belongs to them as citizens of the United States of America (Stanton 269). Besides, women are willing to utilize all means in order to achieve freedom from being dominated by men. Hence, myriad resolutions were established for that purpose. Any event or opportunity which prevents women to improve their lives is considered as deviance to the great precept of nature and adjudged as not effective and without authority.

The mandate of the laws must also be explained and made known to women for purposes of knowledge and respect to their existence. In the field of religion, women must be given the same opportunity with males to teach and impart knowledge since moral superiority must not only be confined within the male population. The same amount of virtue, ethical standards, and refinement of behavior must also be accorded with women and as well as the same degree of penalty and treatment in cases of violation in all forms of legal and moral laws.

Basically, women must also be allowed to participate in all political processes that fit into her capabilities and qualifications. Women must also be given the same opportunity to gain improvement in the field of commerce, professions, and religious leadership. Finally, it is the also duty of women to promote the same righteous cause, as they are also responsible of the consequences of their actions jus like the male population.

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