Stanley Park Paper Essay

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Stanley Park Paper

When seeking to complete a goal, such as the City of Kelsey has endeavored to manage, it is not an easy task. The City of Kelsey would proceed go through some steps to succeed a project, such as the Stanley Park Project. The City of Kelsey government, which has a powerful mayor structure (mayor-council government) should play a developmental function in the community. “Public administrators are engaged in a range of activities such as record keeping, money management, law and finance.

At other times they do investigative work, searching public records for motor vehicle information, property deeds or life insurance policies of the deceased” (Boateng). In consideration to the Stanley Park Project, public administrators are required to do more in regard to the law and finance. “According to the proponents of the complementarity view, public administrators do and should engage in various policy activities, while refraining from those activities that fall within the realm of politics” (Demir, 2009). A city mayor-council government is a form of municipal government where the power of the mayor is limited to only the designation and dismissal of department heads without approval of the council” (Tansu). In this type of government, the council maintains both the legislative and executive authority and has control over the municipal budget. This is the opposite of a city council-manager government. With esteem to the allocation, the allocation is set forth by the mayor in the city mayor-council government.

However, such allocation should also be accepted by the city council. While there are plenty strong-mayor authorities, the mayor appoints a chief administrator to oversee the functions within the government. In the City of Kelsey, the mayor is responsible for considering the needs of the community and presenting recommended plan to the City Council. In a mayor-council scheme, policy, and administration functions are separate.

Policy-making abilities and legislative are bestowed within the council. Meanwhile, the authority of administrative is conferred in the county executive or elected mayor. Mayors in code mayor-council cities and in a second class mayor-council can reject the orders however the rejection can always be domineered by the council itself via a two-thirds of the majority vote. The City of Kelsey’s founder’s image was to “preserve natural resources of the land and maintain a close ommunity” (Padovani & Scorsone). The elected and selected officials who have followed consistently meet the needs of the community by continuing to build upon foundation that the city is built: “self-sufficiency and a strong sense of community” (Padovani & Scorsone) The town has seen a significant boost in population over the past couple of years and anticipates this trend to extend into the foreseeable future.

As the City of Kelsey develops, businesses, and industries will furthermore extend to progress and specific care should be taken to “maintain the natural resources and the tradition of the city while balancing between the city’s overall growth and preservation needs” (Padovani & Scorsone). The city government sees the immediate need in parks and recreation. Over the past two years, the city has bought into millions of dollars in the Parks and Recreation Department in relentless improvements.

After much review of the site plan, the Stanley Park Project will offer state of the art park and recreation amenities that will rendezvous the desires of all residents; from parents strolling through the reserve with infants in strollers, teenagers skateboarding on the skate ramp, senior citizens discovering new computer skills in the computer learning center, or to dogs engaging the enclosed dog park. This innovative state of the art multipurpose-multifunctional park with recreation amenities enforces what the City of Kelsey offers the amenities of a large-scale town without forfeiting a small town charm.

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