StandardizedTestsandInformal Reading Assessments Essay

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StandardizedTestsandInformal Reading Assessments

Many teachers’ today are experience increased pressure in proving their effectiveness in teaching students through standardized testing. With the standardized testing schools and teachers are graded on their ability to provide a proper education for their children. If the school scores and A+ people believe that the school is effective in teaching their students. The school scores a D are below the school is believed to be ineffective. Unfortunately many schools are judged according to the results of standardized testing. Even though the results of testing is misleading as to the staff effectiveness in teaching.

Yet these results are what everybody relies on. (Timeout From, n.d.) What is standardized testing: is a tool that measures a student’s ability to perform at a certain academic level. Being highly controversial standardized testing will always be debated. As the debate continues we can be assured that standard testing will not disappear. This paper with examining several pros and cons by both sides of the standard testing debate.(Timeout From, n.d.) Pro;

1) Standardized testing will hold student and teacher accountable. Students are purposed in mastering certain skills and applying them throughout the test. Teachers are required to adjust their curriculum based on results of these assessments. The failure of so many students can bring the school under a microscope can cause loss of jobs teachers who are not meeting standards.

2) Standardized testing is able to test and compare students from different school districts. Students are required to take the same test. Standardized testing allows this to occur comparing student to student across the state.

3) Well-established rules and instructions are provided to the teachers with directions for what and when a subject needs to be taught in the school. This will also allow student to move to a new school and not worry about being behind his/hers new classmates.

4) Standardized tests are not scored with human emotion. A teacher can possibly score a student test with emotional bias. Computers and or people score the test without bias they had no knowledge of the student is.

5) Standardized tests help schools develop programs and services to multiple subgroups. Establishing data to assist the subgroups in improving their scores. Con;

1) Standardized testing does not allow for emotional and him and him and external factors of the student. There have been students who have made straight A’s a GPA 4.00 for their career in school and fail the standardized test and not graduate. The standardized test will not show intelligence of the student taken the test. Three weeks before the standardized test a student’s parents get divorce. Will that student be truly focusing on the test? 2) Teachers feeling the pressure of standardized test will teach to the test. Teacher’s evaluation dependent upon this test and student success will only foster more teachers to continuing in this practice. This can only harm the student because it will not be taught other skills needed for their future.

3) The stress level surrounding standardized testing is very high. Teachers have walked out of the classroom because so much emphasis is placed on the standardized test. Students reach unhealthy levels of stress because of this test. Students have high levels of stress because her whole future is based on whether you pass or fail this test. No retakes allowed. 4) Standardized test can only evaluate the individual’s performance and not their overall growth. If the student is having a bad day but fails the test or scores very low it is not an accurate as to the true knowledge of the student and how hard the teacher worked and helping their students to achieve.

Students may have improved tremendously throughout the year and it is impossible one test to implement what the teacher is qualified or not. 5) Standardized testing can be and has been used for people’s political agenda. This is that for many politicians stand on educational platforms to further their career. These politicians have absolutely no clue what learning is really all about.(Timeout From, n.d.) Standardized testing are essential for obtaining information as to the weakness of student’s ability to read. As you read above in essence standardized testing as necessary uses to evaluate a student’s ability but shall not dictate their future. Student portfolios are essential part of the development and assessments.

What is the purpose of a portfolio. You can show student growth, and by the various, and gentian violet themselves and their own teaching method. For folders containing selected selections of students work that will accurately show their progress.(, n.d.) Start introducing the portfolio after the first week of school. The students rarely understand or even know what portfolios are. As we teachers explain to our students that we will be creating an ongoing portfolio. The portfolios will help to introduce, and assess our learning experience during the school year. Students can create their own portfolio by assembling a designing with their own individual personality. Most rewarding part of student’s portfolios is the displaying of the student best work.

The pride many students will feel when they can see their accomplishments in learning.(, n.d.) The items that are found in students portfolios are as follows; Quotations or dictations, five stages of reading recorded by video, a list of books read, writing journals, narrative essay, exploratory, explanatory, persuasive, cause-and-effect, diagrams, graphic organizers. The many types of work samples represent the students reading programs. (Tompkins, n.d.) Formative assessments are used to monitor students learning by helping them identify strengths and weaknesses and target the areas that are the weakest in.

Summative assessment evaluates the student’s knowledge at the end of a instructional unit such as midterms, essay papers. These assessments are places in students portfolio help evaluate the progress in the game in the school year. This information can be used formative when teachers and students got their progress in reading programs. (Eberly Center, n.d.) Standardized testing has been debated for many years.

Educators across the country will always feel the pressure of performing for the politicians who dreamed up standardized testing. Whether teachers are pro or con when it comes to standardized testing is truthfully here to stay. The cost of standardized testing will always be difficult to justify. Whether you are pro or con standardized testing unfortunately will be how is the community administration will judge your performance. Stupid their

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