Stand Your Ground Law: a Persons Right to Kill Essay

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Stand Your Ground Law: a Persons Right to Kill

A boys silence, a mothers cry, and terrable tragity. Trayvon Martin, a seven-teen-year old boy, shot and killed by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman stated that Trayvon attacked him. In this essay i will tell you weather I agree or dissagree with the stand your groung law. I dissaree with the stand your ground law, becaues of the case of trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin attacked him and shot him from self-defence( trayvon was an unarmed man). The Stand Your Ground Law states that if you are attacked or feel like your in danger, you had the right to kill that person.This is like saying if some one almost pushed me off the edge of a clif while running,i have the right to push them off that same clif leaving them dead. Although the stand your ground law help people defend them selves in life thretining situations, it gives a murderer a reason to kill innocent people.On the day trayvon martin died, he was on the phone with his girlfriend. she clames he saw a man following him and started to run.

She also says he got away form a man,who turn out to be Zimmerman, but only temporaily Eventruly he stoped running, because he was close to the house he was staying in. when Zimmerman got closer to Trayvon, stated the girlfriend, Travon called out, “Why you following me for?” “I hear this man, like this old man, say, ‘What are you doing around here?’ ” the girl said. The girl said she called out to Martin, asking what was happening, but he didn’t answer. The next thing she heard was a bumping sound, followed by what might have been a scuffle. “I could hear it a little bit, ‘Get off, get off,’ then the phone just hung up,” the girl said. This is some evidence that proves Zimmerman is guilty. There is still more evidence that proves that Zimmerman is guilty. Like the 911 taype taken that sametime. In the 911 call, Zimmerman told the police that he saw a suspicious guy. “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something.

It’s raining, and he’s just walking around.” Zimmerman, who called the police at least four times for previous incidents, was asked ” Are you following the man?” He replied yes.” The disparture said,” We dont want you to do that.” Zimmerman followed him anyway. And on one 911 call, placed by a neighbor, a police sergeant counted one man yelling “help!” or “help me!” 14 times in a span of 38 seconds. Up till now no one can tell if was Zimmerman’s or Trayvon’s voice on the phone. A witness said that they heared a gun shoot. That shot came from Zimmerman’s 9mm semiautomatic hand gun. The bullet went into Martin’s left chest. A sergeant checked and couldn’t find a pulse. For the next six minutes, he and another police officer teamed up to conduct CPR on Trayvon. A plastic bag, brought by a neighbor, was used to seal his chest wound. Firefighters and EMS from the Sanford Fire Department arrived at 7:27 p.m., to continue efforts to try to save him.

Three minutes later, at 7:30 . p.m., Martin was pronounced dead. Zimmerman claimed that Martin had attacked him, hitting him in the nose and knocking him back into the pavement. It was only then, in self-defense, that he’d taken out his gun and shot Travon. An analysis of scrapings from underneath the Trayvon’s fingernails did not contain any of Zimmerman’s DNA, as might rub off in the case of a prolonged struggle. At the scene, Zimmerman declined to be transported to the hospital despite his apparent injuries. Zimmerman was aressted for 2nd dagree murder. He is currently out on bail, and no one knoes where he is hiding. A boy stolen from his family, and a killers crime. I speak on the behalf of Trayvon’s stolen voice and all of his defenders when I say Trayvon hiding. this case is not yet solved. For this reason i am strongly aginst the stand you ground law.

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