Stand By Me Movie Review

The movie Stand By Me is a story about four boys that has a very strong friendship and would do anything to help out each other. These boys go on a quest to find a missing boy along the way they learn the value of friendship, trust, and what is right and wrong. The boys names are Chris Chambers, Gordie Lachance, Teddy Duchamp, and Vern Tessio they are all twelve years old with difficult situations that made them make bad decisions.

They all come from rough backgrounds and different personality but they stick together no matter what the situations are. Chris is a leader of the group who is abuse by his father who is an alcoholic. He came from a violent family. He is tough but kind hearted. He is also like a father figure to the group and gives them fatherly advice. Gordie and Chris are best friends. Gordie is hopeless of himself too because his older brother passed away.

He doesn’t have any family support because his parents do not care about him and worsen when his brother died. He is rejected by his parents he doesn’t have a father figure and his mother doesn’t talk to him. He has a talent of making up great stories but lack of confidence in himself but his best friend Chris gives him a ton of support and looks after him to make sure he doesn’t put his talent to waste. Teddy was abuse by his dad who is mentally unstable but that made him emotionally stronger.

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He still loves his father after everything he has done to him and believes his dad is a hero. He is neglected by his dad zero communication.

Lastly, there is Vern a clumsy boy who is very shy and soft spoken and frighten at times like the time they were crossing train tracks. His character made him a target of bullying but he gets himself out of the situation with his sense of humor. He gets bullied by his brother who is a member of a gang and sometimes by Teddy. There was a scene where Teddy stay on the train track thinking he could dodge the train but Chris interfered and got him off the train tracks this is sign of true friendship that they are there for anything. Trust is also a huge part of this story Chris gave a gun to Gordie both thinking that is not loaded but when Gordie fired the gun the bullet did come out . Afterwards, Gordie confronted him about the gun and Chris told him he didn’t also know that it was not loaded with their strong trust with each other Gordie believed in him. Vern has a personification with a comb. He has to have that comb with him everywhere. He got very upset when it fell in the river.

They all fall into a category of rejection and peer pressure. These four kids are neglected by their parents that is why they live their own life and make their own rules. The lack of parents supervision shows that is why there is no discipline implemented. At a young age they are peer pressured to drink and smoke like adults do. Throughout the movie we could see the act of physical aggression of men and boys towards each other.

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