Stakeholder Group Essay

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Stakeholder Group

A stakeholder is any individual, group, society that owns a stake in the industry. The, stakeholders can be both either internal or external to a business. A stake is an important part in the business and its activities. It can include proprietorship and property interests, legal interests and commitments, and ethical rights. Apple is a multinational tech giant which leads the cellphone and the tablet market in the world. It has many stakeholders as, they are mentioned below. Stakeholders for Apple Inc. includes, but is not limited to:

Shareholders: preferred and common
Apple employees
Manufacturers and their employees
Software developers
Music industry
Government Local & National

The characterization of stakeholder groups based on position/importance:

Problematic: Manufacturers & their employees, Music Industry

Antagonistic: Software Developers, Government Local & National, Shareholder

Low Priority: Suppliers, lenders, Dealers

Supporter: Customers, Share Holders

The characterization of stakeholder groups based on diagnostic typology:

Mixed Blessing: Software Developers, Apple employees

Supportive: Customers, Lenders, Dealers, Share Holders

No supportive: Government (Local & National), Manufacturers & their employees

Marginal: Music Industry, Suppliers

The characterization of stakeholder groups based on stakeholder typology:

Dormant Stakeholder: Government

Dominant Stakeholder: Suppliers, Lenders

Dependent Stakeholder: Manufacturer & their employees, Music Industry

Definitive Stakeholder: Customers

Discretionary Stakeholder: Dealers

Demanding Stakeholder: Share Holders, Apple Employees

Dangerous Stakeholder: Software Developers

Non-Stakeholder: Samsung, Sony (The competitors)

Identification of key stakeholder groups: The most important Stakeholder groups of the Apple Inc. would be:
Apple Employees
Software Developers

Classification of key strategies: As a Manager of the company the employees, software developers and the customers are the most important stakeholders, which need full importance as they are the groups on which the existence of the company depends upon and the key strategies that should be followed in there case is of Resource Dependence, that at any cost the employees have to be retained even if there is any conflict occurring they should be resolved and taken care of.


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