Staining Essay Topics

Fermentation Lab Report

In this experiment milk was fermented into Kefir, then a series of tests were used to confirm that fermentation actually occurred. The tests used to confirm the fermentation were a gas production test, pH test, Gram stain, and turbidity test. The results showed during the conversion of milk to Kefir there was gas produced, a… View Article

Microbiology Laboratory Report

Objectives Aim of this experiment is to differentiate between the two major categories of bacteria , gram positive and gram negative. Through this experiment, gram staining skills develop. More understanding the types and morphology of bacteria. Expected experimental result, Escherichia coli (E.coli ) is a negative gram bacteria which stain pink colour , while Staphylococcus… View Article

Lab Report about Simple Staining of Microbes

This experiment was carried out to perform staining methods on microbes, explain the mechanisms of staining, namely, simple staining, and learn how to use the microscope. The experiment setting was kept as sterile as possible when conducting the experiment. The microbes under the microscope were drawn out and labelled. In conclusion, different staining techniques are… View Article

Differential Staining

Through the process of differential staining, there are distinct differences between the cell walls of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In the case of gram-positive bacteria, the cell wall is comprised of 60-90% peptidoglycan and is very thick. There are numerous layers of teichoic acid bound with peptidoglycan thereby creating very thick cell membranes which causes… View Article