Stages In The Decision Process Buyer Essay

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Stages In The Decision Process Buyer

There are two stimuli that can trigger needs, namely:
a. Internal stimuli, when one person’s normal needs-hunger, thirst, sex-occur at high enough levels.
b. External Rangasangan. For example, an advertisement or a discussion with a friend can make you think of buying a new car. At this stage, marketers should research consumers to find what kind of needs or problems that arise, what causes it, and how the problem could steer consumers in this particular product.

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2 Sources of information

Where consumers want to find more information, consumers may simply enlarge or actively searching information. As more and more information is acquired, consumer awareness and knowledge of the brand and the features available to increase. A company must design its marketing mix to make consumers aware of and know the brand. Companies must identify the source of consumer information and importance of each source carefully.

3. Evaluation of alternatives

How consumers process information to arrive at brand choices. How do consumers evaluate alternatives depend on the personal consumer and situation specific purchase. In some cases, consumers use careful kalkusai adn logical thinking. At other times, the same consumers do evalusai Ganya little or even not evacuate; instead they buy on impulse and rely on intuition. Kadan-sometimes komsumen make their own purchasing decisions; sometimes they ask for advice from friends purchase, consumers guides, or salespeople. Marketers should study buyers to menmukan in how they actually¬†evaluate brand choice. If they know what is going evaluasia process, marketers can take steps to influence the buyer’s decision.

4. purchase decision

Consumer purchase decisions is to buy the most preferred brand, but two factors could be between the purchase intention and the purchase decision. The first factor is the attitudes of others. If someone has significance for you to think that you should buy the cheapest car, then the chances of you to buy the most expensive car is reduced. The second factor is unexpected situational factors. Consumers may form a purchase intention based on factors such as income, prices, and the expected benefits of the product. However, unexpected events can change the purchase intention.

5. post-purchase Behavior

After purchasing the product, the consumer will be satisfied not satisfied and look in the post-purchase behavior that must be considered by marketers. Which determine the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the buyer to a purchase lies in the relationship between consumer expectations and product performance assumptions. Why is customer satisfaction so important? customer satisfaction is the key to building a profitable relationship with the consumer-to maintain and grow the customer and collect customer lifetime value.

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