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Stages of Development

Thus, he or she is “challenged” to identify which skills he or she lacks to reflect upon how to improve his or her thinking • Stage Three: The Beginning Thinker wherein the individual is already taking steps to improve upon and understand his or her thinking. He or she is aware that improving his or… View Article

Child in the Preoperational Stage

A study was carried out by two third year psychology students to investigate Piaget’s stage theory. A 4 years old female child was tested in task of comprehension of more and less, followed standard and modified versions of conservation and class inclusion tasks. Results indicated that child exhibited difficulties in both modified conservation and class… View Article

Psy/265 Sexuality at Different Life Stages

There are changes in every stage of life including sexual changes that follow us as we grow older. With the following scenario’s that talk about the different points of our awareness and stages of sexual relationships, I will suggest from a counselors perspective ways to help each person in the settings presented. The first case… View Article