Staff Duty Analysis - Achievement 9 Flight Commander

Suspenses Required of Position [Position]
Insure that Flight is being properly led and is receiving training. Cadet uniforms are in order and that all cadets know what the next meetings uniform is. Anything else that cadet Commander or immediate superior requests.

Performance Requirements for this SDA
See CAPR 52-15 under Key Duties for a complete description.
Instruct Cadets, Motivate and Discipline the flight, Mentor the flight sergeant and element leaders, Set goals for the flight, Coach and counsel cadets and Drill and ceremonies.

Part B Narrative

1.) What are the essential duties of Flight Commanders?

Flight Commanders ensure that the eighth to fifteen cadets under them and receiving the proper guidance in order to further themselves in the CAP program. Support the chain of command by relaying information and wisdom to the flight. Ensure that each cadet is wearing their uniform properly knows drill and is motivated.

2.How does the Flight Commander help the squadron fulfill its mission?

Flight Commanders help the squadron fulfill its mission by training and preparing future leaders of CAP.

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Without new cadets CAP would not continue to be what it is today. Flight Commanders are the go between from the cadets
to the squadron commander.

3.How do Flight Commanders affect cadets or the overall Cadet Program?

Flight Commanders are one of the biggest influences a cadet can have. They can motivate cadets to work and achieve their Billy Mitchell. In the same respect a flight commander can also have a negative effect on cadets if he/she is not doing the job properly the cadet and the Chain of Command suffers.

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4.What leadership skills do Flight Commanders need most succeed?

Ironically the leadership skill that is most important for flight commanders is leadership. Because the flight commander is usually the first cadet officer that cadets interact with. The flight commander must be a prime example what a cadet officer needs to be. He/She needs exemplify the core values and motivate cadets to be their best.a

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