Ss144 Unit 2 Essay Essay

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Ss144 Unit 2 Essay

Within society there are many different types of people. Even within a culture there are thousands of subcultures and this shows as people progress through their daily lives in public places (Henslin 2005). Simply observing people through the course of a day in any given public place, you will see a vast variety of types of people and emotions they display. The public place that I chose to observe people in was the county District Court building.

The function of the County Court House is relatively the same to both the individual and society as a whole. The Court House ensures proper justice is served and all laws are abided by. For the individual this process can be very frustrating. Whether the person is there to pay a fine, dispute a charge against them or pursue civil action against another who has done wrong by them, the process can be very long and time consuming. For society the process is just as time consuming, however, is less likely to be as frustrating since a judge is more difficult to deal with on an individual basis than on a large public scale.

Dealing with a difficult judge can be strenuous for the public as well as the employees of the court. Being a court there is a certain hierarchy of power with the judge containing the majority of it. From there it extends down the line with the court clerks having the least amount of power and leaving the public with little to none at all. For the most part this left the public feeling very angry and helpless. Often times they would leave the building swearing and saying the court shouldn’t even exist.

If the wish of some of these people came true, the results could be catastrophic for society. The Court House ensure that all laws are abided by and provides punishment for those who are unwilling to follow laws established by the state. Without these buildings the entire nation would be pushed into a state of anarchy. Any form of government would fail and the United States as we know it would no longer exist. The land would be overrun by people who have no regard for anyone other than themselves and would become extremely dangerous for everyone.

The people I observed at the District Court House came from all different walks of life. Their emotions ran very high. Somewhere pleased with their experience and others left extremely angry. However, regardless of their individual experiences, it would be impossible for us as a society to function without a Court House.

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