Sports Nutrition Is The Most Important Aspect Of Life

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Sports nutrition is characterized as the utilization of one’s knowledge of nutrition to implement on a day-by-day base for a diet plan so that one can have the energy to perform physical action, improve certain performance in whatever sport, repair muscles and guarantee good health and prosperity. The topic that I chose is based upon the effects of sports nutrition education about sports nutrition knowledge, attitude, and practice (KAP), and dietary intake. This study takes place in Malaysian with some of their sports teams’ athletes.

The objective of the study was to conclude the effects of the knowledge these players had about sports nutrition themselves and to see what would change afterwards. Throughout the study, doctors and other scientist would see which athletes know when it comes to sports. They would also see who spreads the knowledge of it and evaluate to see if whatever was being told was true or not.

It has been noted before these studies, that athletes lack knowledge of nutrition, healthy food choices, and the components of a well-balanced diet, and that these factors definitely affects a player’s performance.

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This study was known as a quasi-experimental intervention. Two groups were created, the CG (control group) and the EG (experimental group). One had 52 participants and the other had 53, all male and ages ranging from 18-35. This lasted seven weeks in all, collecting all the data during this program comparing pre-intervention versus post intervention. During the intervention, the doctors had activities that involved educational booklets, group discussions, lecture sessions and other group activities (105).

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In the diagram on (106), you can see how the recruitment, the data that was collected, and how the interventions were managed. They had plenty of questionnaires and a three-day food intake record. The questionnaires were made up of topics such as, knowledge on basic sports nutrition, nutrition choices, and attitude towards nutrition and an improved/enriched diet.

The food intake records were done by the athletes themselves by writing and marking down what they consumed and if it was calculated out to the right kind of diet. At the end of the data collection for these couple of weeks, the athletes got an information sheet pre and post-intervention. After that, an analysis was done, and the results were in. The result sheet showed the characteristics such as, ethnicity, sports played, how many years of being an athlete, and education level. It also showed the stats of both groups, the overall for them, and valued out into a chi-square. Other result sheets showed both groups and the pre, post, and differences each other the nutritional facts (protein, carbs, fat, etc). In conclusion to this experimental study, from the pre-post results, the KAP (knowledge, attitude, and practice) scores increased and the participants enhanced and upgraded their intake and diet. The study’s results aid the improvement for all team sports programs across the globe that they need to advance and better develop dietary intake for their athletes.

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