Sports Injuries Essay

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Sports Injuries

If you play sports then you know what it is to get injured while playing. A sport injury is an injury that occurs during athletic activities. It can be when you use a certain part of your body too much or from sudden traumatic incidents. There can be many ways to treat sports injuries, but also many ways to prevent a sports injury while you’re actually playing. There are many types of sport injuries you just have to be careful of what you’re doing to prevent them.

Sports Injuries aren’t fun at all, they can make you miss weeks of playing, a season or seasons without playing or in extreme cases you could never play again. So to avoid them there are several ways to prevent getting injured while playing. Some players even take HGH Treatment for Athletic Enhancement in order to prevent injuries. It’s a growth hormone that develops new muscle cells giving you lean muscles that don’t come so quickly, also it increases energy & metabolism, & lastly it makes the time needed for recovery in between workouts shorter.

It’s not FDA approved for adults so in order for athletes to get these drugs it must be bought in the black market. To avoid injuries you have to have a good warm up before you can start playing, a warm up that works out our heart & gets it racing, also stretches that are specific to the sport you are about to play, you have to stretch while your moving. If you play sports every day of the week without any type of rest you can count on getting injured while playing.

You have to have at least one day or rest everyday of the week or else you’ll overuse your body parts & be more vulnerable to getting hurt. It’s important to have the right gear on, such as pads for all different body parts, a helmet, a cup, mouthpieces, a face guard, or if you wear glasses specific eyewear. Any type of gear even ones you might think are useless need to be worn because you never know when you can get hurt or where, don’t ever think that it can’t happen to you. That is very vital for when you’re playing because anything can happen & this gear can cushion the blow.

You have to use the proper technique while playing the sport. Coaches or trainers should be reinforce all of the techniques & help you during the playing season. You should even practice these techniques before & after the season. During the games or even practices don’t stress your muscles too much take breaks This can also prevent heat illnesses. Remember to follow the rules of any game you’re playing for example headfirst sliding that is for baseball and softball, spearing which is football, and body checking that has to do with ice hockey.

If any of the rules are broken it can get you into trouble & also cause damage to your body. Obviously if you feel any kind of pain while you’re playing don’t push yourself to keep on going you have to stop immediately and let a coach, trainer, or any adult surrounding you know. Drink a lot of liquids before, during and after exercise or playing. If it’s too hot for comfort to play then don’t play, also wear light clothing, If you’re emotionally stressed due to sports don’t ignore your feelings & try to keep playing just stop.

Surprisingly the pressure to win is not a motivator but can cause significant emotional stress for a child make that a reminder to your coach or trainer. Using proper equipment during a game can be super important if you want to prevent any type of injuries . For example the NFL is testing new helmet designs that could reduce the number of head injuries that can happen during games. It’s also prove by doctors that fatigue can result in sports injuries because it’s less easier for your body to be able to protect itself when it feels so weak. If you’re feeling fatigued you should just stop what you’re doing & take a rest.

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