Sports In The 1800s

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Were so much more different than they are right now. They had much less skill than we did, smaller fan bases, and many different rules that don’t apply to the game now a days. In the 1800s they did not have as many sports games as we do now in the 21st century. The most popular sport in the late 1800s was baseball. Sports at this time was taking a big jump from becoming something we do for pleasure in our free time to a form of mass entertainment.

Baseball dominated the sport fanbase in America in the late 1800s. Cities and towns starting using much more space for baseball fields which caused more and more people to play baseball. The National League for baseball formed in 1876. The best players in the world got to play in the National League. It was rough though for people of color to play baseball because the white people did not want to play with them.

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Black people who were really good at baseball were not allowed to play in the National League. The colored people had to play in the American League instead of the National League because they were not white. The American League team (Boston Americans) went on to win the series 5 games to 3.

Football had a huge following in the late 1800s especially with college teams. The game of football originated from the game of Rugby. They created football as a safer version of rugby. The first football game was held on November 6,1869 between Rutgers and Princeton Some college teams were so good that they were accused of hiring professional football players to help them win more games.

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This caused many injuries to happened to the younger and weaker players. Later in 1905 eighteen players were killed by injuries related to football.

Basketball was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by James Naismith. Basketball was created by a YMCA instructor because he wanted people to have a sport to play indoors while it was cold during the winter months. The first game of basketball was held on October 17th, 1891 at what is now known as springfield college. At this time they didn’t have full arena’s or benchwarmers or anything, all they had were to buckets as goals. They did not have any of the rules we use now expect for a few basic rules.

The bicycle was created in 1885. Pierre Lallement was the creator of the bicycle. He first created a bicycle with one wheel but that was unsafe for everyone so then he decided to create a bicycle with two wheels which is still a very popular item to this day. Boxing in the 1800s was not as respected as it should’ve been. People started having respect for the sport of boxing when they introduced the gloves. This was a much better way to box because it wouldn’t hurt the opponent or yourself as much as it would without the gloves.

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