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Sports have been part of human entertainment for centuries. Sports in America have become popular entertainment. Sports are a big social and cultural understanding on America lifestyle as well as worldwide. America has made popular the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and many more. Although America has made such a vast impact on the influence of sports, there is one general focus that is still raises questions today.

This question brings debate to the presence of racism in modern sports in America. Sports have been a useful way of entertaining people for many years. However, it is an inherent part of regions culture that has determined fame and popularity of selected sports. One of the best examples of this is sumo wrestling in Japan, although it is known worldwide, it can be affiliated with one particular culture. American culture has made a liking to sports such as basketball and Football making part of American culture.

Although there are a large amount of sports played worldwide, it seems that each culture has a preference or “adopted” one particular sport that is notorious to their culture. When looking at sports in America, it seems as if football is the number one selected in “American” sports. Unfortunately with this ethnical segregation of sports, another discrimination is present. This is racial discrimination, and it still plays a roll in teams and individual sports all around the world. When America portrays an image of a NFL player they may thing of with a white or black male in uniform.

When a particular position is specified, a racist prejudice may be placed. “If we revisit the quarterback position in football, if a coach believes that an athlete is not smart enough to be a quarterback because he is black, the coach is guilty of prejudicial thinking. However, if the coach gives that athlete a chance to try out for the quarterback position he is not guilty of discrimination. On the other and, if a coach has a policy wherein black athletes are not allowed to try out for quarterback, he is guilty of discrimination. ”

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