Sports drink sponsorship Essay

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Sports drink sponsorship

It has came to my conclusion that your company was in search of a fairly new and emerging sport to sponsor for your new sports drink line. I have decided to help you to choose a sport and develop a promotional plan.

A sport that is on the rise, that I would recommend is barefoot waterskiing. Fans are diehard, the industry is on the rise, and I and my colleagues agree this is the perfect sport for your company. The typical fan of this sport is young, energetic and male. A perfect profile, to introduce a wild drink that is hard to be tamed with its reckless youth. We decided to make the drink and the packaging a prime example of the fan, crazy, wild and nonstop. We are going to launch a one of a kind packaging for the beverage. We are also going to bring to you a label like no other, with your name on it appealing to the target market we are set after.

Now for the promotions, we have decided to sponsor sporting events and set up booths to try our drink and for the customer to observe our brand bottle, versus the normal boring opponent bottle. There are approximately 15 to 30 barefoot skiing sporting events each summer and you figure in the cost of sponsorship $500-1,000 per event and a mere $100 for product testing, a budget of $17,000-34,000 depending on your choice of how many events to sponsor. This will also give us free publicity, because of the free testing and they will notice a difference on our drink versus the competition. The target market will think,” Finally! A drink designed more for us! The younger generation.”

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