Sports Development Essay

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Sports Development

The main aim of sports development is to provide links/opportunities for young people to progress along the sports development continuum (player pathway). The continuum produces the following pyramid model: Foundation This level provides the base of the pyramid. During this stage there should be more participants learning/experiencing basic sporting skills. Examples of activities which contribute to this stage are: Primary PE lessons, Top Play activities (sports development), multi sports sessions (sports centres).

The acquisition of good exercise/skill habits provides a basis for personal development and future participation in the sport of their choice. Participation This stage is when children begin to participate in specific activity on a regular basis for enjoyment purposes. Sports development contributes significantly to this stage with its community tops programme (after school coaching), school festivals, multi skills clubs and providing club/school links.

Sports clubs become important at this stage as they make the link to the next stage of development. Performance During this stage young people begin to concentrate on sport specific skills and begin to develop talent in specific sports. Quality coaching is an essential part of player development at this level and the following schemes contribute to this: Organised by sports development-coaching weeks, Shropshire youth games. Other: Active sports, club activity. Excellence.

The excellence stage provides the peak of the pyramid, and demonstrates the level where individuals reach sporting excellence. Obviously the pyramid narrows here as the number of players will reduce at this stage. Governing bodies of sport are responsible for development at this level as players pass from county to regional to national squads. Football Football starts with participation, Participation for exaple could be done at school in pe lessons, junior football clubs and just generally playing with family or friends.

Then you have to move on to foundation. This could be like 7 aside or 11 aside games. You need to move out of the playground and into the football clubs. Foundation is a very basic understanding of the game. Then you would move onto performance. Performace is a higher level than foundation, it meens you are begining to work on specfic areas of your game and working towards sports excellence. This would meen you would play for a club and participate in games and train regulary.

Excellence is what all sporting performars wish to achieve, it is the meens to have the ability to perform better than just a performace level witch sets u apart from the rest of your competetors. You no you have achieved sporting excellence when you get offerd a chance to play with your national or local clubs e. g. England u18s and leeds united u18s Participation Foundation Performance Excellence John aged 10 John aged 12 Decides he trains whith his Wants to take local under13 Part in fooball junior football So he starts club e. g. cliffton Playing with rangers. His freinds in The school yard.

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