Sports Case Study Essay

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Sports Case Study

A sport is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill. Some people, who dedicate themselves to this activity, consider it as a passion to compete against others in their skill, ability and spirit. Sports also help in inculcating a certain discipline as well as the spirit of brotherhood or the ‘team spirit’ in the sports persons. Today, many sports are becoming increasingly regulated. But, in today’s scenario, the sports that include aggressive activities are gaining more popularity, as they present much a way of entertainment to the spectators. Since the youth are more volatile by nature they enjoy these ‘violent sports’ such as boxing, kick boxing, wrestling etc. Today’s Young generation does not make an effort to know the grave dangers that these sports put.

The dangers that these sports cause are susceptibility to major accidents that may even prove to be even worse than fatal. The injuries which may be for lifetime may be a cause of greater torture and helplessness than death itself. Certain instances in the past, such as the accident of Fred Guirrero and ‘Umaga’ because of accidents during the match have resulted in their death in the arena themselves. Also, these violent sports are responsible for major injuries to the sportspersons, such as rupture of the spine, brain haemorrhage, excessive blood loss, irregular clotting etc. Boxing, rugby, soccer, and other games are being targeted by sports bodies and medical organizations in an effort to improve safety standards and to reduce injuries.

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