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Essay on Sports

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Kobe Bean Bryant “Black Mamba”

Kobe Bryant career did not take long to start in a good manner. In his second year in the NBA as a shooting guard, at the age of 19, he was voted to play in the NBA’s all-star game, becoming the youngest player to appear in the game. Later with the help of Shaquille O’neal the Lakers won three consecutive championships in 2000, 2001, 2002. As he reached the prime of his career without Shaq he ...

Labor Relations

Propose: This phase involves the initial opening statements and the possible options that exist to resolve them. In a word, this phase could be described as ‘brainstorming'. The exchange of messages takes place and opinion of both the parties is sought. Bargain: negotiations are easy if a problem solving attitude is adopted. This stage comprises the time when ‘what ifs' and ‘supposals' are s...

LeBron Raymone James Sr. Biography

James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio to Gloria Marie James, who was 16 at the time of his birth. His father, Anthony McClelland, has an extensive criminal record and was not involved in his life. When James was growing up, life was often a struggle for the family, as they moved from apartment to apartment in the seedier neighborhoods of Akron while Gloria struggled to find steady wor...

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NFL Concussions and Their Long-Term Effects

However, the chairman of the committee downplayed all the evidence that was shown to them by Julian Bailes even though the evidence was pretty clear. The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, decided that it was best for the league to conduct its own study about concussions. He released the following statements regarding the evidence being shown to the league by “outside” doctors and researc...

Triple Dive Athletes' Technique

As the athlete jumps (for the first time off their opposite leg) the right knee extends as the hips push upwards and forwards. The left knee drives upwards using the extension of the hip and flexion of the knee. The left leg begins to extend out in front of the body using the extension of the knee and flexion of the hip, it is almost immediately followed by the right leg using the same motions. At...

Sugar Bowl, the College League

Over the last 15 years, many bowling centers have updated their facilities with one of two markets in mind—families or young urbanites. Those pursuing families often create family entertainment centers, with bowling providing just one part of a larger entertainment experience. The “upscale bowling lounge” has grown in popularity since roughly 2000 in larger urban markets. These facilities ta...

Football Concussions

A person’s brain is the most important part of the body. It just makes sense to want to protect it as much as possible. As the public becomes more aware of the dangers football has on a player’s brain people may reconsider playing football. If the NFL is going to have a future, they must make their game safer. If people see less players effected by concussions on TV public perception of footba...

Springbok Tour Protesters, 1981

So it can be seen that the pain and violence associated with apartheid, New Zealand’s reputation being ruined and Muldoon’s political greed all caused the protests the occurred during the Springbok Tour from July-September in 1981. In turn these protests also had several consequences some of which were attitudes towards police changing, ruining of relationships and raising awareness of the at...

The Classic 1972 Summit Series

This series created an intense rivalry between Canada and Russia, which is still present to this day. Recently, the Canada/Russia rivalry continued with an eight game series between the best junior players from each country. There was an attempt to replicate the classic 1972 series, but the hype was just not there and most likely never will be. The Canadians won this series quite handily. As peopl...

The Roman Colosseum


"Remember The Titans" Directed by Boaz Yakin

When they get back to the camp, during a training session, the two captains shout the mantra, "left side" "strong side" to each other. This shows a new understanding and respect towards each other. They impact the rest of the team, which then come together as well. On the bus ride too the camp, the players are not talking to each other. In comparison to this, the bus ride on the way back to school...

Chicago Black Sox Baseball Team Scandal

From the wining and dining of the press by Comisky to hide the compalints of the players (Petersen) to the decision itself, the whole scene was rife with attempts to hide the truth. David Fleitz, in his book “Shoeless: the life of Joe Jackson” (2001), avers that Landis showed a shallow sense of justice in the handing down of the decision (Fleitz). Fleitz (2001) even asserts that when the expos...

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Clubs

Since the MGM Grand has been hosting various UFC events like UFC (40, 49, 54, 56, 66, 71, 84, 91, 92, 94, 98, 108, 114,116), there wouldn’t be any problems in hosting an event over there, this around as well. After the acquisition of permissions from the presidents of the two fight clubs and the MGM Grand management, the next step would be to ask the sponsors. A lot of Sponsors provide heaps of ...

Bicycling and Lance Armstrong Doping

His athletic achievments outside of cycling are now getting the can too, including his win at the Boston Marathon, numerous Ironman 70.3 results, and various others. Mark Cavendish tweeted “Are people so naive they think cycling's the only sport with a hidden past? Maybe it's just the only sport where a hidden past's come out.” Baseball, football, various other sports have athletes taking perf...

Nike Presentation

Running, cross- training and football is some of its top selling product categories. Nike’s marketing environment are affected by factors like social factor that deals with people's values, demographic factor which is people’s age an race, economic factor such as income and inflation and technological factor such as production effiency and product quality. Because of all these factors, Nike ac...

Soul Surfer

Near the end of the competition, the water is calm but Bethany can feel a wave coming. The wave begins to rise so she paddles out she catches the wave and rides it amazingly. Unfortunately she stood up only a second or two after the finishing horn was sounded making her come 5th in the competition. When they are on the placement stands, Malina her biggest competition takes her up onto the number o...

Sport Rituals

Some sport rituals are also practiced as rites of exchange and communion whereas religious purposes are not involved; nevertheless the interrelatedness is retained. Instead of the communication between the human and the divinities in the traditional practice of rites of exchange and communion, the communication between the human and the luck is dominant. In the sport interpretation of rites of exc...

Sports Drama Film Forever Strong

We all come to what seems like a fork in the road; we have no idea why life is tugging on us so hard but we eventually figured out what we have to do in order to protect yourself and your morals. Rick was shown the value of teamwork and selflessness while he was at Highland; although, he knew his teammates needed him for the game and he decided to go play for Highland where he was welcomed with op...

Jesse Owens – A Legend

Jesse Owens went on to win four gold medals for his country – 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 4 x100m relay and long jump - in the face of strong prejudices exhibited by Adolf Hitler who was intent on showing off the superiority of the Aryan race to the world. Americans greeted him with great enthusiasm on his return, and cheered his accomplishments heartily (Corrigan, 1990, p. 18). Track and Field ev...

Athletic Burnout in expert sport

Psychotherapeutic approaches such as group therapies that are focused on changing the ways in which an individual perceives and deals with situations are also recommended (Salmela-Aro et al., 2004). Intervention programs have about 80% success rate with depreciating burnout, and may include online counselling, cognitive behaviour training, relaxation techniques, psycho-social skill training, commu...

Roberto Clemente

Clemente was honored in various ways for his achievements after his death. Schools in Chicago, Illinois; Allentown, Pennsylvania; and Detroit, Michigan, have been named in his honor. In 1984 the U.S. Postal Service issued a 20-cent stamp in Clemente's honor and in 2000, it issued a 33-cent stamp in his honor. In April of 1999 Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, renamed the Sixth Street Bridge as the Rob...

Pros and Cons of Bike Helmets

There is also the cost associated with wearing bike helmets. Though they can be purchased for as little as thirty dollars, not wearing one is completely free. And if you're buying helmets for the entire family, the cost can certainly add up. Ultimately, a little chin chafing and the risk of looking bit goofy seem minor when compared to a serious head injury or even death. A look at the pros and co...

Benefits of Tennis

a.)Thesis Statement: I have talked about three characteristics that tennis has created for me, motivation, a code of ethics, and happiness. Motivation because it is a lifelong sport that I can continue throughout my life. It’s taught me morals and ethics because it’s a gentleman’s sport with responsibility to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. And lastly, happiness simply by bringi...

Two Handed Bowling and Sandbagging

“All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.” – Scott Alexander. (Brain Quotes). The quote explains itself. Cheating is the easy way to do things and you don’t get any satisfaction from beating someone by cheating. It’s like using steroids in baseball, or taking off a restrictor plate in racing, you will get caught and it’s n...

Discus Throw

The body also applies force by Newton’s Third Law: for every applied force there is an equal and opposite force. For example in discus the thrower exerts a force against the ground and an equal and opposite force pushes the thrower off the ground. Applying force to objects depends on a number of factors. These include magnitude which is the amount of force that has been applied to the discus, di...

Just Do It

The Swoosh and the “Just Do It” slogan are reminders that Nike sits in the top of its class when it comes to advertising. Sharad Haksar’s stunning Nike image in his “Brand Irony” series is a comment on this advertising and also an insight into how the products they market are produced. The image comes off, at first, just to be a humorous depiction of a boy urinating on a wall, but in fac...

Biography of Wilma Rudolph

When she was 16, she earned a berth on the U. S. Olympic track and field team and came home from the 1956 Melbourne Games with an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 100 metres relay. After graduating from high school, Wilma received a full scholarship to Tennessee State. Because of all the celebrity she received from her track career, she took a year off from her studies to make appearances and compe...

Mexicans Begin Jogging

Because he its color of the skin and lived in a border culture, it was often assumed that he was not an American. The speaker is a men looking for freedom and a better future, an element so well-known that he is willing to risk everything to achieve his goal. There is no need for Soto to run because he is an American. Soto’s poem is emotionally and a practical clever story that many Mexicans Ame...

Biomechanics of Sprinting

In conclusion a sprinter must be trained very well and conditioned as well as possible. Sprinting is a seemingly simple movement that puts major stress on the body. This stress can cause many different injuries to occur. Learning and understanding the biomechanics of sprinting can help someone avoid injury and improve their performance. Proper training, conditioning, and education on sprinting pro...

The Beautiful Game

This whole idea of spend more than you earn disgraced the not-so-beautiful game and epitomizes what is to become of top end football; lots of billionaires throwing excessive sums of money at people to kick a ball around a field! Manchester United and City, are just two examples of numerous supposedly big teams that demonstrate and prove that our national sport has recently developed into nothing b...

Chicago Blackhawks: Master Marketers

Bill Wirtz could have hired Hull to be a Blackhawks ambassador and tap into the nostaligia of past Blackhawk teams. This could have excited current Blackhawk fans and motivated the casual Chicago hockey fan to give the Blackhakws a chance. Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and other Blackhawks legends were a great missed marketing opportunity for Bill Wirtz. But, Bill Wirtz simply couldn’t think outside t...

Arsenal London Football Club

Goalkeeper Stuart Taylor, midfielders Jermaine Pennant, David Bentley, Steven Sidwell and defender Justin Hoyte are all Academy graduates who have earned England Under-21 caps, while Academy product Jeremie Aliadiere represented France Under- 21s. Taylor and Aliadiere also won League Championship medals, in 2002 and 2004 respectively. With Academy players regularly dominating the Arsenal reserve t...

Biomechanics of long jump

With this action and reaction the athlete's trunk rotates backwards as the lead leg and arm swing downwards and backwards. The last phase to complete the long jump is the landing, it's critical to get those vital centimetres to land right. A maximum jump is obtained when the heels touchdown at the point where the centre of gravity of the body would have landed (Wirhed 1996). If the heel strike is ...

Doping in Sport

Cycling In fact Is now the cleanest sport n the industry because they don't let anything slip past. After seeing a documentary on Mark Cavendish's wins in the tour de France and the first Brit to become world champion In ages, he actually said that the doping chaperones wouldn't leave him alone and had to pester him until he took his drug test. What I am trying to get at is that people are being e...

Concussions in the Nfl - Communication Studies

If a player suffers a certain amount concussions, say five, over the course of his career then he should be forced to retire immediately and the NFL should offer the player a generous retirement compensation package. After all, a concussion is a concussion no matter which level it occurs at. Tennessee has taken the first step forward by forcing athletes to quit after four concussions; this policy ...

Athletics In MacGregor's Sporting Landscape

The research gathered of Figueroa’s framework on the individual level, it is realised that students values and beliefs are to strive for competition and rewards, as these factors have been fulfilled it will allow students to participate in a more enjoyable way, due to the fact that an individual’s values and beliefs reflect directly upon their parents, siblings and peers, however, it is proven...

My Favourite Sports Baseball

While Ruth led the league in runs scored, homeruns, walks, on- base percentage, and slugging percentage and Gehrig led in doubles, RBI's, and extra base hits, their teammates were doing just as much damage. Earle Combs, the center fielder led in hits and triples. Pitcher Waite Hoyt led in wins and winning percentage, and Wilcey Moore led in ERA and saves (Neyer and Epstein 100). Hoyt went on to be...

'Propaganda and indoctrination were the most significant methods"

To conclude it is clear that in the main propaganda and indoctrination were the most significant methods used to control the Italian population. Although it is difficult to measure the extent to which they were successful, the use of these methods affected the whole population and were clearly what Mussolini and the fascist government put most of their time into. In fact many historians claim that...

Free Fitness for All program

As social media have become more popular, many companies have begun to use these media for "social CRM" (Lamb, 2017, p. 317). The co-leaders of the program will heavily promote Free Fitness for All via all the social networking systems, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Also, after every workout session, the coleaders will ask its participating members to recruit at least one new member ...

Formula One Racing Tires

Fresh tyres are not ready to deliver flat out speed straight away. We need to put them through a heat cycle by doing a warmup lap to treats the rubber making it just right for racing. Putting the tyres through warm-up heat cycles is known as scrubbing. When the rubber is heated, it become more viscous. This essentially means it is a little bit more melty or malleable. When the tyre rolls over the ...

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