Sports Essay Topics

Athletes as Role Models Study

* Provide a brief history of the topic and its current state in popular sports. Sports are not only a major trend of popular culture, but they also play a huge role in society by posing great influences on the participants as well as the fans. The athletes and their actions, behaviors, and attitudes are… View Article

The Best Sports Day Ever

Our school, SMK Mohd Khalid, had an Annual Sports Day recently. The event took place at the school field on the 30th of June 2012. Parents and students arrived and settled down on chairs located under big yellow tents. Once they were all settled in, our beloved principal Tuan Hj Suleiman kicked things off with… View Article

Personal Life and Sports

Sport plays a huge role in our everyday life. Whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually, sports have a big impact on anyone’s life, especially, to the average sport fan. Participating in team sports helps develop good character, it inspires us to pursue a healthy lifestyle and lastly It is proven that by having a regular… View Article

Youth Sports and Character Development

Character development is not something that can be gained or developed over night. Character development is the multiple life skills that an individual builds within themself throughout their lifespan. When a person develops good character in their early years of life, they will benefit in the long run because they used the life skills they… View Article

SWOT Analysis of New World Agency Inc

New World Agency (NWA) is a sports management firm that aims to provide elite athletes with unparalleled professional representation in North America’s most competitive and lucrative sporting associations. Founded in 2010, NWA brings together highly credentialed industry professionals to offer a comprehensive solution to players’ needs both on and off the field of play. NWA… View Article

Extreme Sports

People feel the need to explore different things, such as traveling to a far place, living a totally different life, or trying activities that are totally new. The article in Tampa Bay New Times notes that humans are similar to animals that have a desire to explore and try out adventures (Plaskett, 2000). Plaskett (2000)… View Article

Effects of Steroids in Professional Sports

One of the favorite forms of entertainment is watching sports events and competition. Many people enjoyed watching professional athletes compete for the first place. Some people also look up to some of the athletes and idolized them. Some of the athletes serve as an inspiration to many hopefuls and they attempt to copy their style,… View Article

Opportunity in Sports

In a nation of diverse culture, the majority race always dominates and wins. In America, the white people reigned in almost all aspects of living. They were always preferred than any other individual belonging to other races. The white people were excelling in the field of politics, media and entertainment, literature, science, among others. The… View Article

Trends in Sudden Cardiovascular Death in Young Competitive Athletes

Playing sports carries certain risks to the player. One of the most dangerous risks is sudden cardiovascular death during the course of engaging in a sports activity. The majority of these athletes that die are found to have previously unsuspected heart disease (Corrado, et al, 1593). This article addresses this issue and aims “to analyze… View Article

Professional Sports Is Becoming Too Commercial These Days

Amateur sports differs from professional sports in the sense that in the latter people are being paid for doing their job and in the former case they just take it for the personal benefit or like a sort of relaxation or may be to enjoy. Important thing seems is money in the professional arena. Some… View Article

Technology in Sports

Technology in sports has been a calling topic for sometime. When will the technology get us at our least expected moment? With the resources we have today supporting each and every game why can’t the process be sped up. Technology in sports is essential to the day and age of performance for athletes. With it… View Article

Native American Mascots in Sports

College/university and professional sports team’s symbols and mascots are highly visible. Most often, fans take the values attributed to sport symbols seriously. A certain symbolism is projected by athletic team nicknames in general. In most cases, athletic team’s names are animals, objects, or natural phenomena. Symbols can be positive such as bravery, courage, and strength,… View Article

Most Popular Sports in the World

Live football, just like any other sports games, is subject to many advertising aspects; as we take a look all around the football field in a soccer stadium, we wouldn’t miss the hundreds of ads posted all around us. Furthermore, marketing affiliates, sponsors and advertisers are not only seeking the borders of the football field… View Article

Sports: a Unique Contribution of Indian Ymcas

The popular ‘red triangle’, symbol of the YMCA, denoting the development of body, mind and spirit, was invented by Luther Halsey Gulick in 1891 at Springfield College of Physical Education, USA. It provided the rationale for giving physical education its proper place in YMCA programmes as a whole, which otherwise had so far emphasised only… View Article

Sports Organizations

Sports has become a very important part of every social being(Gerdy, 2002). The levels of involvement of people in sports has increased tremendously (Chak, 2003). Sports is defined as any activity that has specific rules that define how it is played and the main reason in engaging in such activities is to win (Gerdy, 2002)…. View Article

Prohibition of College Sports

“On October 16, 1905, shocked by the level of violence in college football, President Roosevelt summoned the Harvard, Yale and Princeton presidents and the football coaches to the White House. ” College sports have turned out to be a problem since over the last hundred years and today, although sports have been major entertainment events… View Article

Psychological factors that affect performance in sports

Competition in sports and the general performance of athletes in various competitive activities results in increased stress among the athletes. This increased stress makes the athlete to react mentally and physically in a way that negatively affects the performance capabilities of the athletes. The athletes may tense, increase their heart beats, sweat allover as they… View Article

Sports and Character

Character can mean moral or ethical strength; or more simply, who one is when no one watching. The word character implies an unavoidable scenario for every individual; should one do the right thing or the wrong thing? In the world of sports, we see respected athletes not only acquiring fame and wealth, but influencing things… View Article

Fun Water Sports

There are so many fun activities to do in, on, and around the water; thus, making it a difficult choice a as to which way to spend a day in the sun. Whether it’s a creek, lake, river or the ocean, there are may ways to have fun in the water, and stay cool. Surfing… View Article

Professional Athletes as Role Models

The role of professional athletes as role models for the youth is a debatable topic. Should they be the people your children look up to and try to be like? Or are they just popular people who have let fame get to their head and influence them to make poor choices? While there are many… View Article

Are Sports Hurting Kids

Organized sports have a lot of effects on children, whether they be positive or negative. Children are still finding out who they are and what the world is like. I chose this topic because I wanted to know childrens’ motives to do organized sports, and what effects the sports have on the them. I wanted… View Article


Sports have been part of human entertainment for centuries. Sports in America have become popular entertainment. Sports are a big social and cultural understanding on America lifestyle as well as worldwide. America has made popular the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and many more. Although America has made such a vast impact on… View Article

Demonstrated in sports

Sportsmanship can not only be seen and demonstrated in sports, but also in our daily lives in many ways. I believe that the values learned in sports are also applicable to everyday life. Interaction with my siblings is one example. We should not fight over small things like who shall have what or who shall… View Article

Physical Exercise and Sports

Sports are very important, not only to kids, but for adults as well. When you play sports you meet so many people you probably wouldn’t if you didn’t play. You get to know people that enjoy playing the same sport you do. Sports aren’t only fun, they keep you in shape. You hone your skills,… View Article

Vocation in Sports Ministry

According to Amy L Sherman, in her book ‘Kingdom Calling’, there are four character traits which are a must for wise vocational stewardship; servanthood, responsibility, courage and humility. [1] In a society in which athletes are idolized, there are few other vocations that can impact more souls, both lost and saved, than in sports ministry…. View Article

Extreme Sports

Broken bones, head trauma, shark attacks, and casualties all while playing the sport you love. Is it worth it? With extreme sports come extreme risks. There are many controversies over these sports as to whether they are ethical or not and why anybody with the right mindset would consider participating in such events. These sports… View Article

Popularity of Sports in the 1920

The popularity of sports didn’t happen over night. The continual growth that happened during the 1920’s was very significant to sports today. Baseball wasn’t always as popular is it was today. Babe Ruth started trending the high powered offense in Major League Baseball (“1920’s…and along came Babe”). Fans were impressed and helped baseball get a… View Article

Professional Athletes as Role Models

Do professional athletes deserve the title “Role Model?” Unfortunately there are the athletes that flaunt a negative behavior. They want to concentrate on money and fame. These negative athletes focus on the partying high life style and flaunt, what they can purchase. Then there are the athletes who choose the lifestyle that is appropriate for… View Article

Should Women Be Allowed to Play Against Men in Sports

Every sports fan hates to admit the fact that sports are simply business, but it is undeniable that sports are one of the most lucrative businesses in the U. S. Right now the market for women’s professional sports is growing rapidly. The best way for women’s sporting organizations to promote and sell this market is… View Article

Sports and the Law

Sports is a wonderful gateway for recreation. It gives sense of completeness and physical balance for a person. That is why joining in sports activities is rewarding in any way. However, it may also cause accidents and unavoidable consequences. As such, there is a need for a knowledge of the law that governs sports accidents… View Article