Sponsorship in Exchange for Advertising Opportunities

Prompt: A local business will pay for the expensive sports equipment for your school. In return, the school must place ads for the business around the school in the gymnasium, on the sides of school buses, and in the cafeteria. What is your opinion about this tradeoff? Write an essay in which you state an opinion and give reasons to support it. Schools often have struggles trying to pay for supplies for sports and even regular school supplies such as text books, novels, desks etc.

An example for this is the movie Freedom Writers. The teacher is in a very poverty stricken school and wants to give the students new books that are more challenging than what the school offers. She gets two jobs beside the teaching job to pay for the things she wants to do with the students.

I think paying for the equipment would be a great advantage the school could have in giving the children a better sports experience and it gives the students a better learning environment.

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ads in return for sports equipment is a great deal to me. Placing ads is not hard and not very costly compared to sports gear. Many children love to play sports but cannot afford it. The fee of playing a sport would considerably change if not disappear. I think it is also a great deal for the business because they would be getting word around about their establishment. In conclusion I think this is great for both parties. I think students would enjoy being able to have more sports opportunities.

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I know many parents do not allow their children to play sports because of the expenses. I believe it would make an impact of unity in the community. This is a great idea and I think many schools and businesses should try it out!

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