Spinal Bifida A Multidisciplinary Prospective Essay

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Spinal Bifida A Multidisciplinary Prospective

In this article it explains the different effects of spinal bifida within different domains , with an effort to promote awareness and different treatments. This article also focuses on treatment statigies and that can help with the developmental disabilities associated with Spinal Bifida.

Since spinal Bifida can be diagnosed before birth, treatments also begin when the fetus is enurtero and continue threw out life. Spinal Bifida is the leading neurological disorder that is congeitive. It is a life long struggle when someone suffers from Spinal Bifida. Spinal Bifida effects cognition, adaption along with behavior. The characteristics that affect the brain also include neurological dysfunction on multiple organ systems.

Spinal Bifida still does not receive the acclaim in should for the effects that it has on social , development and behavioral abnormalities that it causes one. In the public school system it is often view as an orthopedic impairment rather then a developmental issue, even though most people with Spinal Bifida have congenital malformations of the brain. Theses malformations effect speech , reading and comprehension along with some information not being able to be retained.

This article also speaks about the environment and dietary effects that cause spinal Bifida to ocure across the span of different countries and ethnic backgrounds. This article helps to give insight to the risk factors that can causes this neurological abnormality.

In this article light is shed on how spinal Bifida can effect a family and the development of a child with Spinal Bifida. Since spinal Bifida effects the mental and developmental parts of the brain , the way a family adapts to the disruptive quality of this disorder can greatly effect a child’s behavioral development. The psychosocial and behavioral development can be affect by this illness and will grow increasingly worst as one approaches adulthood if not properly treated.

This article was basicly to provide awareness of not only the physical aspects of spinal Bifida but also the mental effects. I feel that this article also touched on the subject of proving long term care of the people affect by this illness.

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