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Spice Chart Tang vs. Song

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Characteristics shared by both dynasties Social Tang dynasty offered women a new opportunity for personal expression shown by the leadership of Empress Wu Neo-Confucianists movements in the late Song led to the deteriorating rank of women in society Neo-Confucianism also discouraged women from education and other career outlets Male-dominated society Men enjoyed more rights in areas such as remarrying and premarital sex Women were given protection in the event of a divorce

Strong laws were put in place to keep elders and males as the leaders in the family The Scholar-gentry class gained most of the power in the government due to the emerging bureaucracy Women’s families were forced to pay dowry’s to the husband’s family Political The Tang dynasty had a much more powerful military that the Song therfore they were able to capture a larger area of land all the to modern Afghanistan The civilian administrators were subordinate to military commanders which caused problems in the tang dynasty The Song Dynasty allowed for the Liao to continue living north of them in Manchuria This was costly because the liao (Khitans) continued to charge tribute and eventually led to the downfall of the Song dynasty When the empire collapsed, everyone moved

South Political power was held by a succession of imperial families and bureacrats Although the system allowed for more commoners to become scholar-gentry, being noble was still advantageous Interactions During the Tang dynasty, the invention of gunpoweder came about, but it was not used for military purposes until the Song Coal started to become used for fuel and heat especially in the cold winters of the North China plain Compasses were invented which dramitacally helped sea navigators The invention of the movable type and the abacus were also widely developed Chinese citizens began to move southward during both of these dynasties due to the expanding agrarian society.

New seeds introduced from Vietnam such as champa rice greatly improved rice yield in the southern part of the Empire The Chinese capitals and large cities such as Hangzhou had some of the highest populations of people in the world pre-industrial revoltion Canals were created such as the Grand Canal were created to connect people from different parts of the empire and were bleto share their products Culture At he beginning of the Tang, there was Buddhist support from people like Empress Wu, but that changed and soon there was strong Buddhist backlash from the Toaists and the Confucianists Rival relgions claimed Buddhist monasteries were costing the government money because they were not taxed The Chinese educational system encouraged men to “dabble” with many different activities rather than specialize in one.

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Spice Chart Tang vs. Song
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