Spending Essay Topics

US budget spending

Seeking control of the budget process by both the legislative and executive branches of government is part of the system of checks and balances of American democracy. While it is true that the annual budget emanates from Congress as it has always been deemed to possess the power of the purse, it does not entirely… View Article

Macroeconomics Problem Set 1

To derive the PS approximation, data on GDP, Consumption, and Government expenditures was obtained from the website as detailed in the homework. Then using excel I was able to recreate the formula given with the actual data to get the approximation numbers. B. The true measure of PS was obtained much the same way as… View Article

Boeing:how low can they fly?

Prepare problems 3, 5 and 7 on pp.521 and the additional problem, Principles of Economics, Case, Fair and Oster. Problem 3 p.521 For each of the following statements, decide wether you agree or disagree and explain your answer : 1. During period of budget surplus (when ? < ? ), the government debt grows. 2…. View Article