Speed Thrills vs Safe Driving

It is very sad to note that so many people die or receive multiple injuries in fatal road accidents, forcing several people of productive age group either dead or disabled permanently. The number is growing year after year in multiple proportions and it is highly alarming and also disheartening. Let us look into the various reasons which make these fatal accidents. The major reason is human errors. Most of the drivers, especially of small cars are careless and negligent in using the roads.

They should understand a point that how fast they drive is unimportant but how safe they drive is very important, as someone waits for them in their respective homes – a mother or a sister or a wife or a child. It is very common scene in small cars that most of the drivers try to light a cigarette while driving at 120 to 140 kilometers per hour. At this speed controlling a steering wheel or balancing a car is not only risky but also dangerous.

Another important reason is use of mobiles while driving. It is again very dangerous not only for the drivers but also to the passengers as well. A fraction of a second makes all the difference. All accidents can be averted with little patience. I have noticed many times drivers take coffee or chat with the passengers and drive. They should know that that is not the place to drink coffee/ tea nor for chatting with friends/ passengers, driving is a serious business after all.

It did not go without my observation that most of the drivers do not use safe belts.

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Even if they use them they do so just for the fear of police at check points. It should be made clear that it is for their safety they are meant. The traffic police authorities should act seriously and penalize the drivers; those who indulge in such things must be heavily penalized and also cancel their licenses permanently.

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