Speech on Factory Farming Essay

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Speech on Factory Farming

Well i am going to tell you about factory farming. First off we can all do something about this. How would u feel about thousands of animals crammed are being crammed into dirty, windowless sheds and confined to wire cages and gestation crates. They are basically forced into cannibalism because they scratch each other and peak because they are so hungry What sense would be affected first? Smell- horrible, rotten, death. The sound of squealing in fear.This is a typical factory farm. I strongly believe that factory farms should be illegal because Its cruel. In my speech i will be telling you about the caused by factory farms, the use of hormones and chemicals and the cruelty of factory farms. And what they pollution is doing to the environment and the community

I believe that factory farming should be illegal is because its cruel. When the chickens are about 3 to 4 weeks old they get their beaks cut off. The farmer does this by using a hot blade and they have to put the chick’s beak through a little hole and then the farmer flicks a switch and the hot blade comes down and cuts off their beak causing them a lot of pain. The pain lasts for about a month and the farmer doesn’t give them anything to help with the pain. Its not just chickens, Turkeys and ducks are often getting their beaks removed as well. The farmer does this to them to reduce the excessive feather pecking and cannibalism which is seen among stressed and overcrowded birds. Animals don’t have freedom like most animals and it is cruel. The farmers make the animals go through so much pain it is horrible, Chickens and turkeys are the most abused animals in the farming industry, they have been forced to live in tens to thousands. Its cruel.

We should be against factory farming is because it produces huge amounts of waste. This is a result of pollution because the waste leaks into the local water supplies which puts the community at risk. It affects communities by producing bad air and people are exposed to airborne farming emissions. This happens by confining so many animals into one place it produces so much more waste than the surrounding land can handle. This is a result of various environmental hazards, like water, land and air pollution. Animal waste causes pollution which causes respiratory problems such as skin infections, nausea, depression and even death. This is what can happen to people that live near a factory farm. Would you want this to happen to you if you were living near a factory farm?

Factory farming should be illegal. They use hormones and chemicals on the animals. There is a video called ‘If slaughterhouses had glass windows everyone would be a vegetarian’ its very sad and gruesome. This five minute or so video shows you what is happening inside a factory farm. the farmers do this by putting hormones and steroids into their food and water they also feed them antibiotics to prevent disease and maximize their growth and food output. The animals are selectively bred to grow so large and fast that many can’t hold their own weight. When you see pictures of chickens from a factory farm they look like they are fully grown but really its just a chick, chirping for someone to help them.

In conclusion I think that factory farming should be made illegal and stop its cruelty towards the animals and the community. I think that its fine having animals free ranged farmed because they have lived a good and harm free life and not in small wire cages. They get killed at their right age instead of being a chick just been over feed. Free ranged animals are treated better. I think that factory farming should be illegal. I am strongly against factory Farming and it should be stopped it is cruel and, they put the animals thought so much pain. I hope my speech has made you feel like you want to do something about factory farming.

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