Animal cruelty speech notes

  • How would you feel if you were taken away from your mother the day you were born and you had to live in a cage.
  • If you were sentenced to death being innocent?
  • How would you feel if no one know your pain and you were treated as an object? What if no one knew your pain and you were treated as an object?
  • What if no one heard your cry, left defenceless when you depend on others?


Animal cruelty in Malaysia is becoming more and more common and it is our responsibility to stand up for the animals that can't defend themselves.

First Main Point

Most cases of animal abuse, neglect and hoarding are never reported and are overlooked

The number of reports and arrests are rising as the crimes become more and more cruel. Number are rising and more animals are suffering. Here are a few statistics to give you a better understanding of the reported cases in Malaysia.

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There are increase by 10 percent from 463 cases in 2016 and 510 cases in 2017.

Second Main Point

All of these animals, no matter what, need to be cared for. Thinking about my pet at home I know that if anyone were abuse her it would break my heart. Put yourself in the animal's shoes, after being through so much, imagine being to walk outside of the cage for just a little bit and having someone to love on you and care for you for the time being.

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Many of these animals are scared and helpless. The attention makes more of a difference than you will ever know.

Third Main Point

We got pretty limited the resources we are given to access to when it comes to things like this. I propose that we all make all the difference that we can start now together. I wish I could say adopt a pet now I'm sure most of us would love to have a cuddle buddy to just follow us around our room all day. Adopting an animal will reduce the amount euthanized due to overpopulation. Always spay or neuter your pet as well. Spaying or neutering an animal cheaper than caring for a little for just one year.


An animal can be physically abused, neglected, left as a stray and all cased left to die. If you guys got in mind want to throw your pet away, instead that you can possibly ask someone or a friend that willing to take care of it.

If you were born in a cage and never knew what it was like outside the walls, wouldn't you want a different world? What if you didn't have the power? Well we do.

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Animal cruelty speech notes
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