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Speech Exam

Categories Activity, Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Public Speaking, Rhetoric, Society, Writing

Speech, Pages 3 (596 words)



Speech, Pages 3 (596 words)

1) Which of the following is an example of declamation?
Selected Answer: Someone performing the Gettysburg Address

2) Churches services that encourage call-and-response speaker audience interaction is seemingly in violation of which of the differences between public speaking and conversation? Selected Answer: Public Speaking involves more clearly defined roles for the speaker and audience

3) In his speech about volunteering for the American Red Cross, Jacob used a lot of slang words, sat and leaned on the table in front of the class, and was dressed very casually.

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Which of the following statements best describes this situation? Selected Answer: Jacob ignored the rule that public speaking is more formal than conversation.

4) Which of the communication models depicts the roles of sender and receiver as fluid and constantly changing? Selected Answer: Communication as transaction

5) This is the expression of emotion through posture, movement, gestures, facial expression, and voice. Selected Answer:  Elocution

6) Which of the following is the most important element of the public speaking process, according to your text? Selected Answer:  Audience

7) An example of how the nonverbal communication of public speakers is more formal than nonverbal behavior in ordinary conversation is that people engaged in ordinary conversation Selected Answer: Gesture spontaneously

8) Fred and Sally are having lunch, catching up on their day.

Each person takes turns telling stories and then listening to the other. This is an example of which communication model? Selected Answer: Communication as transaction

9) The context of a public-speaking experience includes such elements as Selected Answer:  All of the above.

10) An audience member is worried about an upcoming exam and is unlikely to remember much of what the speaker says.

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This is a type of Selected Answer:  Internal noise

11) Translating ideas and images in the speaker’s mind into verbal or nonverbal messages that an audience can understand is termed Selected Answer:

12) Which of the following is an example of the new era of speech making in the 21st century? Selected Answer: A soldier watching her son’s graduation address via Skype

13) One way public speaking and conversation are similar is that both are Selected Answer:  Audience-centered.

14) During the first day of speeches you had a bad sinus infection and your ears were plugged so you couldn’t hear the speakers. You were experiencing Selected Answer:  Physiological noise

15) If you delivered an already famous address of the British orator Edmund Burke, you would be practicing the art of Selected Answer:  Declamation.

16) Having the resources, information, and attitudes that lead to action in achieving a desired goal is Selected Answer:  Empowerment.

17) People in conversation may alternately talk and listen, and don’t interrupt one another, but in public speaking the roles of speaker and audience aren’t as clearly defined. Selected Answer:  False

18) The Communication as Interaction model includes the element of feedback. Selected Answer:  True

19) The receiver of the message is the individual audience member, whose decoding of the message depends on the other audience members receiving the message and their past experiences. Selected Answer: False

20) Elocution is the use of words and symbols to achieve a goal. Selected Answer:  False

21) The audience should be the last thing a speaker should consider when planning a speech. Selected Answer:  False

22) Declamation is the performance of an already famous speech. Selected Answer:  True

23) Elocution is the expression of emotion through posture, movement, gestures, facial expression, and voice. Selected Answer:  True

24) Elocution is the delivery of an already famous speech.  Selected Answer:  False

25) Noise can only be physical.  Selected Answer: False

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