Specialization in english Essay

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Specialization in english

The field of education has long interested me because I find myself compassionate about teaching. I think that the field of education may serve as a way for me to guide students during their journey towards acquiring knowledge that is essential for their future careers. I am aware that the training required to acquire a higher degree in education is challenging. It will involve taking specialized courses in education, yet I am still willing to undergo such rigorous training in order to enhance my greatest capabilities as an educator.

I am excited about learning educational concepts that will be later applied as I interact with different kinds of students during my teaching profession. I would like to earn a master’s degree in education because this is the best image I can envision myself to be in the near future. Teachers are an essential component of every educational facility. They serve an important role by providing assistance and technical knowledge that will facilitate the development and learning of a student.

I am aware of the importance of educators in the global level, since these professionals molds the minds of the next generations of the society all over the world. I am also very concerned of the need for and the delivery of better educational programs for other ethnic groups within the country hence I would like to specialize in English as a Second Language (ESL). I am highly driven to earn a master’s degree in education because I know I am capable of teaching and providing a positive impact on students.

It is definitely thrilling to foresee that I may play a crucial role in my students, as well as providing a key role in the molding of these young individuals into better citizens (Aman-Back and Bjorkqvist, 2007). Teachers function as essential members of an educational program, and I would like to see myself sharing my capabilities for the good of mankind, even at its simplest level of teaching. I would also want to join the graduate program so that I could learn more about educating students as well as impart ways for them to enjoy the process of learning.

There is nothing more important than serving as an instrument to students to learn, of which may facilitate them in getting a better future. I would like to spend my time doing something worthwhile, such as teaching children. I would also want to be a teacher because such effort would be priceless, yet this endeavor will give me the satisfaction that I have spent my years doing something good. Should there be a chance, I would also want to acquire further training in the field of education, and possibly earn a doctorate degree in the future.

Such specialization will provide me more tools for teaching and I know that I will have a more efficient way of performing through that endeavor. I am eager to start my program in masters in education because I would like to make full use of my talents and capabilities in the field of education. I think I am emotionally, mentally, physically and intellectually ready to pursue this career, and I am highly driven to excel in this field.

There are so many choices of profession for an individual, yet the field of education has the strongest appeal to me and my personality and capabilities. The relevance of being an educator for English as a Second Language strongly attracts me, and I have been greatly interested in pursuing a higher degree in this area.


Aman-Back S and Bjorkqvist K (2007): Parents’ and teachers’ attitudes regarding school involvement in education that extends beyond the traditional academic core. Percept. Mot. Skills. 104(3 Pt 1):1017-24.

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