Defining Appointments: The Power of Precision in Professional Communication

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An appointment could be defined as an agreement between two or more parties to meet at an agreed time and at a specified place for a special purpose. Based on this definition it is observable that parties that have entered into an agreement have the obligation of ensuring that they keep their different sides of the bargain. This position is further strengthened when it is considered that the parties were fully aware of what the implications would be prior to entering the pact .

It is justifiable therefore if punitive or corrective measures are employed against defaulters who breach contractual terms (as we may want to consider an appointment as a contract). It is a common saying that “punctuality is the sole of business”. This subject can also be viewed from a psychological point of view. When two people, for instance, schedule an appointment, it is assumed that they must have had cogent reasons for arriving at the time and place of the scheduled meeting.

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It also assumed that certain factors may have been considered such that after due consultations among themselves, time most conducive for the purpose of the meeting was arrived at. With all of these factors taken into consideration and the mind of the parties involved already programmed in line, it is not hard to imagine the devastating effect the absence of one of the parties would have on the party present. The zeal and enthusiasm would gradually diminish until there may be no reason to continue with the schedule even after the absent party shows up.

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It is a common saying that “punctuality is the sole of business”. When parties show as previously arranged it acts as a catalyst that further motivates them to greater heights. The military is an organized institution with laid down rules and procedures and any individual venturing into this institution is deemed to have fully understood the terms of his/her appointment in the force. A major part of this agreement is punctuality

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Defining Appointments: The Power of Precision in Professional Communication
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