Special Place Essay

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Special Place

Everyone has that special place they can go to where they can feel at peace and can be able to think about things or make decisions about their life. For me, that special place is a lake that was down the street from my house. At first, when we were kids my cousins and I would always go there just to hang out and play games. Them as I got older I would go there to think about the things that have been going on in my life.

I have some of my most memorable memories from that lake. While I was walking with my cousins one day we discovered a trail that we never really paid attention to, we decided to follow it because we were just too curious to see where it led.

That’s when we discovered the lake; we were so mesmerized by how beautiful it looked, the water had all these trees surrounding and the rocks weren’t like the ugly one like the ones in my driveway. To and my cousins it looked like it could be in a movie scene because how perfect it looked After that first day, me and my cousins would go there every weekend and just let our imagination run wild. We would make up games, and pretend we were in a whole other world. Time always went by fast when we were there.

Every time we went there we would forget about what’s been going on in our lives and the only thing that exists is us and whatever game we were playing that day. That’s what the lake did for us: it let us forget about everything. As time went by and we got older we stopped going to the lake to play games instead we went there to clear our minds and talk about things that have been going on with us. That’s the thing I loved most about the lake it brought me and my cousins closer together.

With all the memories I have with that lake it has become my most special place. That’s what a special place is it’s where you can go to feel calm or where you can go back and relive all the happy memories that you have shared there. I wouldn’t want to trade my special for the anything in the world.

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