Special Interest Groups Lobbying

This paper analyzes the stand taken by the following Special Interest Groups on the Affordable Care Act.

American Medical Association (AMA) American Association of Retired People (AARP) American Hospital Association (AHA) U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) National Retail Federation (NRF) American Medical Association (AMA) The American Medical Association (AMA) is a professional association of medical practitioners in the United States and has around 243,000 members according to AMA’s 2017 annual report. The AMA supports the Affordable Care Act. The association main agenda is universal health care and access for all Americans and maintains diversity, autonomy for all the patients (AMA. 2018).

The AMA is against the current government’s proposal to withdraw or replace the Affordable Care Act as outlined in the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act (ORRA) or the American Health Care Act (AHCA). It strongly advocates continuation of health insurance coverage for those who are currently covered, maintain insurance market reform like pre-existing conditions, strengthening of the individual insurance market, provision of affordable health insurance for low income patients and also adequate funding for safety net programs like Medicaid, reduce regulatory burdens, greater cost transparency and new physician-led payment models.

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(AMA, 2018).

Based on the association’s 2017 annual report, the AMA had a 13.8 million operating income with a total revenue of 347 million dollars. The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), utilizes the information reported by the Federal Election Commission, Senate Office of Public Records, it provides an estimation that the AMA spent .

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7 million in 2017-2018 for lobbying. The bill most frequently that AMA lobbied against was the American Health Care Act. (CRP 2018). American Association of Retired People (AARP) AARP is an interest group which claims as America’s largest nonprofit, which has no political affiliation with the goal to empower Americans above 50 years of age and help them to make their own choice of the way they want to live when they get older.The AARP lobbies the congress for the following causes. (AARP, 2018)

  1. Proposed budget cuts and other changes don’t jeopardize access to health care in rural areas.
  2. Oppose a per-capita cap on Medicaid funding, which would put at risk the care of some of our most vulnerable citizens, especially the 17 million poor seniors and disabled adults and children who rely on the program.
  3. Support the proposed Credit for Caring Act.
  4. Restore the medical-expense deduction, which provided relief for the oldest and sickest Americans who face high health care costs.
  5. Restrain drug price hikes, such as by allowing Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower prices.

Based on its annual report for 2017, AARP’s consolidated operating revenues in 2017 were $1.64 billion and its operational expenses were $1.65 billion with total assets of nearly $4.3 billion and net assets of $1.7 billion. The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) estimates that AARP spent $13.9 million in 2017-2018 for lobbying. (CRP 2018). American Hospital Association (AHA) American Hospital Association (AHA) is a healthcare professional association which represents all types of health care facilities. The vision of the organization is creating healthy communities where everyone in the community reaches their highest possible health. The AHA supports the Affordable Care Act and opposes its repeal or replacement. (AHA, 2018).

The AHA’s 2018 supports the following agenda.

  1. Preserve and maintain the health coverage achieved by the ACA.
  2. Ensure that the Health Insurance Marketplaces is stable by lowering the copayments, deductibles and coinsurance, ensuring that financial incentives are provided to insurance providers who enrolls high risk individuals.
  3. Encourages states to extend insurance coverage and provide them with tools to provide care to their population through the use of state waivers with appropriate protective measures.
  4. Maintain Medicaid coverage as proposed by Affordable Care Act.
  5. Ensure that veterans’ healthcare needs are appropriately and effectively taken care of by providing a complete care plan for them.

Based on taxes filed for year 2015, AHA’s total revenue was $127.7 million and expenses were $116.5 million with a net income of $11.2 million. The net assets were $176.7 million. The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) estimates that AARP spent $33.3 million in 2017-2018 for lobbying. The bill most frequently that AARP lobbied against was the American Health Care Act. (CRP 2018). U.S. Chamber of Commerce The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization and embodies the interests of millions of businesses. It is the largest of all the special interest group in the Unites States (The Hill, 2017).

It supports the American Health Care Act proposed by the current government that seeks to withdraw the Affordable Care Act. It seeks to provide relief to employers by restoring the forty-hour work week for full time employees, decrease health insurance premiums by withdrawing the taxes for commodity, medical device, and the health insurance tax; and encourages careful health care spending accounts such as Flexible Spending Account etc. The “2017 Health Care Policy Recommendations” brief issued by the group outlines its stand on various provisions of the ACA. The report has 2 sections, the first section outlines the various mistakes of the Affordable care act and suggests ways to rectify them. The second section details positive proposals that go beyond rectifying the mistakes of the ACA. According to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) the US Chamber of Commerce spent 69.1 million in 2018 for lobbying. (CRP 2018)

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is an organization which represents small business’ in the Unites States. The NFIB is against the ACA and advocates for its withdrawal. It was the chief litigant against the ACA and lost its case in the Supreme Court in 2012. They believe that health insurance markets should be repaired to make them affordable, flexible and predictable. (NFIB 2018). Based on the financial report from Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) the NFIB spent 2.1 million in 2018 for lobbying. The bill most frequently lobbied on by the NFIB is the bill to withdraw the annual fee on health insurance providers as provisioned by the ACA (CRP 2018).

National Retail Federation (NRF) The NRF is an association that represent retail trade. It is considered to be largest in the world with mission to improve the interests of the retail industry by advocating the cause of retail traders, educating its members and improved communication. (NRF, 2018). NRF advocates the withdrawal of the ACA employer mandate at levels dictated by the government, forty hour work week for full time employees, withdrawal of taxes implemented by ACA. Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) reported that NFIB spent 2.1 million in 2018 for lobbying (CRP 2018).

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