Special Education Program Essay

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Special Education Program

Mission: To provide support for students with learning disabilities will be educated in age appropriate environment. Students who are experiencing problems that poorly affect their education performance. Students suspected of having a disability are referred for evaluation. An eligibility committee at the student school review assessment data to determine if the student has a disability, which requires special education service. When a student is found eligible for special education services, an individualized education program (IEP) is develop with the participation of the school staff, with the parents and the student.

2.Program Design: Students should be served within the regular classroom setting.

•Meeting the consistent of the specific needs of each student •Providing an appropriate education within their neighborhood •Provide a selected alternative school or change in school placement •Staff will be empowered to meet the educational needs of all students •Training will be provided to help teachers acquire the necessary skills •Parents involvement in the school community will support educational goals and success of all students •IEP Forms available for viewing

3.Specification: The student has to be identifying as eligible for special education service. Managed process guided by State and Federal regulations there has to be an evaluation requires to make this determination is completed only with parent’s permission.

4.Review state laws and regulations for the Board of Education for confidentiality.
•Special needs testing with school board
•Counseling provided to help with transitional services
•IEP evaluation are updated at least once a year
•Review recommendations from teachers and doctors

The Reason for creating an organization like this is to provide a better life for our children and their families to gain knowledge on how to better educate and help them. In public schools IEP can be confused with a discipline issue, which can lead to a wrong placement in classroom. The smaller the class the better chance a child has to learn and focus on what is being taught. Board of Education has many other services that can help children and their families grow to better educate them for their future.

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