Special Education Interview Essay

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Special Education Interview

Special education is defined as “specially designed instruction that meets the unusual needs of an exceptional student” according to Hallahan, D. , Kauffman, J. , and Pullen, P. (2012). The student that I chose to interview is currently age 25 and completed her special education program at the age of twenty-one. Due to the fact that the student was diagnosed as being mentally retarded at an early age, the mother was interviewed along with the student. In the state of Mississippi special education students are allowed to stay in school under the Exceptional Education Program until the age of twenty-one.

The student and parent were asked a series of questions about her experience at school and her current living and social situation. I will identify the student in my summary as “Cecelia” and the parent as the mother of the students. Cecelia suffers from partial hearing loss and several limited social skills. Cecelia’s mother stated that her placement in the program was determined by an IQ test that she received as a child. Cecelia was asked how she enjoyed her placement in the special education program in high school.

She stated that the teachers and students were very nice. Cecelia mother added that she had been in the special education program for as long as she had been in school due to her hearing loss and inability to effectively socialize with others. Cecelia could not remember any of the teachers she had encountered while in high school when I asked her to recall her teacher’s names. Cecelia mother stated that she was mainly in the same class throughout the duration of her time spent in high school.

Her mother expressed high regard for the teachers and special education administrators that helped Cecelia transition out of high school. Cecelia’s mother stated that during her time in school she was taught a lot of skills that allowed her to be able to function around the home on her own. Since she has completed high school she continues daily in a day treatment program that is a service that is funded and provided by the state. The transitional program was set up through the high school Cecelia attended.

The students are picked up daily through this service and attend a facility which allows them to interact with individuals with similar disabilities. Cecelia frequently goes on outing/field trips such as bowling, movies, gym classes, and other events with the group. Cecelia stated that she enjoys going on these outing with her friends. One major concern that Cecelia’s mother expressed was who will take care of Cecelia if anything were to happen to her. Cecelia’s mother also suffers from hearing loss and does work. Her mom spends most of her time taking care of the home and the special needs of Cecelia.

It is apparent that when schools and parents work together, students in the special education program can lead productive and enjoyable lifestyles. Even beyond what is provide in the public school system, special education programs ensure that the student transition outside of school is a smooth one. Cecelia’s mom was very sincere and appreciative of the services that they receive from the public educational system. References Hallahan, D. , Kaufman, J. , and Pullen, P. (2012) Exceptional Learners An Introduction to Special Education. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

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