Special Education and Children Essay

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Special Education and Children

Explanation: Children must be kept safe on outings and staff must make sure they have parental permission to take children on outings. Staff must make sure they have carried out a risk assessment and checked out ways to overcome any issues or hazards which could occur for the children. Transport the children will be using, and the driver should be adequately insured. In placement and my role: Making sure that all parents and carers are aware of where the child is going and what they will be doing on the outing, also making sure the parents and carers have given the child full permission to go out on the outing.

If the children need any medical needs like epi-pens, asthma pumps or medication, they will need to make sure that there is someone qualified to assist the children with any medical needs. This is achieved by making sure they have enough members of staff at all times throughout the outing like for when they may need to split up or if a child becomes injured that there will be enough members for two to go with the child. Also make sure they have carried out a risk assessment and found ways to overcome those risks.

My role would be to help make sure that all the children are safe and doing what they are meant to be doing at all times. Requirements: Equal opportunties Explanation: Applying policies and procedures to promote equality of opportunities for children in their care including support for those with special educational needs or any disabilities. In placement and my role: This is done by having policies and procedures in place, and having equipment for those with disabilities like having ramps for the to access the building.

This is achieved as there is ramps to get into the main reception and ramps so they can access the outside area. Those with special educational needs there is a SENCO which helps to identify any educational needs and will help find ways to support those needs. Also having one to one assistant if it is needed. My role is to know the specific ways to help those children and to make sure I know which children may need extra support so I can help them. Requirements: Information and records

Explanation: Maintaining records and obtaining and sharing information to ensure the safe and efficient management of the setting and to help ensure the needs of all the children are met. Records must be easily accessible and available. Also ensuring all staff understand the need to protect the privacy of the children in their care as well as the legal requirements that exist to ensure that information relating to the child it handled in a way that ensures confidentiality. Records relating to individual children must be retained fot a certain amount of time after that child has left the provision.

In placement and my role: Making sure all confidential files are kept in the office and are not accessible to just anyone, however in the classroom there is a little box which has parents and carers phone numbers on incase of emergencies, this is only accessible for members of staff in that room. Most information about the child is on the computer on certain accounts so only specific members of staff can access this information. My role is to know where the information that I may need is, so if i need to access it at anytime I know where to look for it.

Also I must make sure I don’t tell anyone what information I know about as it is confidential. Requirements: Information about the child Explanation: Following information for each child in their care must be recorded like their full names, date of birth, name and address of parents and carers, who the child normally lives with and emergency details for the child. In placement and my role: All information about the child should of been maintain before the child started at the setting, the child’s key worker should know where to access this information and make sure that it is securely placed.

My role is to keep this information to myself and make sure it stay confident. Requirements: information for parents and carers Explanation: The following information should always be available to parents and carers: How the EYFS is delieved in the setting, how parents and carers can get more information. The activities and eperiences provided. How the setting supported children with educational needs or disabilities. Food and drinks provided. Details on policies and procedures. Staffing in the setting, key worker names and telephone number for information. In placement and my role:

Any information that parents or carers may need will be accessible for them, they may need to ask a member of staff where it may be or to get it for them but it is always available for parents and carers if they have any inquires. My role is to know where the information is kept so I can show them it for them and what information I can tell parents and carers if they ask me any questions. Requirements: Complaints Explanation: The staff must put in written procedure for dealing with concerns and complaints from parents and carers, they will keep hold of any written record of all complaints and the outcome from the complaint.

Making available for parents and carers to get hold of any information they would need to contact Ofsted if they wanted to make a complaint if they feel that the placement is not following the EYFS requirements. If they are aware that they are being inspected by Ofsted the placement should notify parents and carers, and they will provide parents and carers of the copy of the report. In placement and my role: If there are any concerns or complaints from parents and carers the member of staff should write down what has been said and make sure they keep hold of this information and how they overcome the concerns and complaints.

This is achieved as when theres a concern they write it down and talk about the ways in which they can overcome and find ways to deal with it. My role would be to make sure I report anything to do with any concerns and complaint but also make sure it stays confidential. Requirements: Information about the providers Explanation: The placement should have documentation of the name, home address and telephone number of the provider and those employed and living on the premises. The name, home address and telephone number of anyone who is regularly in unsupervised contact with children in early years provision.

A daily record of children being cared for and the hours of attendance and the names of each key worker. Also the certificate of registration. In placement and my role: Making sure the have all the information they need about all the members of staff in their employment, and those who are regualry in unsupervised contact with children in early years provision. This is achieved as every day they have a register for all the children, so they know which children are in their care everyday and whether they stay all day or just half the day.

This is information will also tell you who their key worker is. Also they will have information about their employees on the office computers on certain accounts so it can’t just be accessed by anyone. My role would be to make sure the have all information that is needed about me, and know that it is safely secured also to make sure that the registered have been done and taken back to the office so it can be put on the system incase of emergencies. Requirements: Changes that must be notified to Ofsted.

Explanation: All providers for early years must notify Ofsted if there is any changes in the address of the premises if this will affect the space available to children and the quality of childcare. they must give the name and address of the provider and any other contact information. The person who manages early years provision and information of those 16 and above living for working on childminders premises. They need to know the hours during childcare is provided and id there’s overnight care provided.

Any information on events which could affect the suitability or any person that’s involved with regularly contact with children on premises. Information on company name changes or registration, if the early years provision is owned or provided by a charity and any changes. Or if the childcare provision is provided by a partnership, body, corporate or unincorporated association. In placement and my role: If any changes are made in the address or the name, they need to make sure that they have told Ofsted of these changes and make a note of when they did to keep on record.

This is done by the office make sure all information had been sent to Ofsted as soon as possible and that it is kept on record incase of any inspections. My role would be to make sure that any information I know about has been told to a higher member and that they have reported to those who notify Ofsted. Promote learning and development in the early years 1. 1 & 1. 2 Task two A suspicion of child abuse Faulty equipment An accident involving a child in the setting A suspicion of measles The practice of another member of staff.

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