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Sparco Paints Essay

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Sika Paint Industries (Pvt) Limited is the manufacturer of the leading brand “SPARCO” commonly known by its trademark SPARCO Paints in the domestic and the international market. Sika has steadily and progressively marched into newer heights of popularity and accomplishments in the past more than two decades of its inspection.

The company was founded by Malik Muhammad Javaid Iqbal in 1988 as a sole proprietorship concern led its fast growth with dynamism to make it a private limited company in 2004. Ever since, the world of possibilities has never stopped coming around for the company.

Dynamic Success

From a small business to a dynamic enterprise, Sika Paint Industries has consistently set foot through major cornerstones of its industry, gaining numerous milestones and nationwide recognition to its credit. The company has met the growing demand of its huge industry through steady development of its product range resulting in not only a major market share but a larger base of loyal customers having good standing with them. Over the years, the quality of its brand Sparco Paints has remained unscathed and caters to both the local and international export market.

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Our Reasons of Growth

Amongst its many success factors, the deployment of technology, innovation and robust marketing and branding activities have led to the rapid growth of Sparco Paints.

The company concentrates primarily on decorative, industrial, auto, wood finishes and road marking paints for which the company owns the state-of-the-art manufacturing establishment equipped with latest machinery and laboratory facilities.

Center of Effective Research

The company actively engages up-to-date research to boost the economic value of its paints and strives to improve its product quality with each passing day. The extensive research for innovative product knowledge and methods to engineer the product quality constantly invigorates its existence. The company has engaged in constant researching for best practices for the product development and hence successful in completely retaining its valued customers.

Having received the ISO 9001:2008 quality control standard certification for its unmatched quality, the company implements its intricate quality assurance policies at all manufacturing stages including the procurement of raw material, its handling, work in progress, packing, finishing and the timely delivery of end products to the customer.

The company firmly believes on providing the paint products of premium quality with intense technical support and color advisory services. The company promises to provide excellent service and achieve its objectives through experienced and well trained professionals of the industry and competitive pricing.

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