Spanish, British, and French colonial experiences Essay

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Spanish, British, and French colonial experiences

– For the Spanish, their motives were economic and religion. They wanted to “Christianize Natives”. They were mostly located in South America, Central America, and the West Indies. The British motives were only economical. They were located in North America and in the West Indies. The only type of people that were allowed to be with the Spanish were mostly only Catholics or you had to be from a noble family and you had to be homogenous. Anyone could be with the British. There were diverse races and the people were in Religious and Ethnic groups. The Spanish finances were based on Public/Crown Financed terms and for the British it was Joint Stock/Private terms. The Spanish had relations with exploited natives and they also believed in intermarrying with natives. They also believed in enslavement and they were associated with the Mestivo and they wanted to Christianize everyone.

If you were not converted to Christian, you were killed. The British also had relations with exploited natives. They did not believe in intermarrying or enslavement. They did believe in Separation and Removal to the West. The Spanish government was highly centralized. There was less self-government. Governors were representatives of Crown- “Viceroys” There were no democratic traditions. The British government was decentralized and there was much more self-government. The British simply neglected to enforce or regulate. Democracy’s seeds are planted. Economically, many Spanish had tried exploiting and going home-they did not posses the mind set to ‘develop’ as much as North Americans. Government regulation is in a form of regulation of emigration and trade. For the British, most settlers, stayed in New World and invested. The government stayed clear of economic activity for most part.

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