Spanish Armada Essay

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Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada showcased the Spaniard’s boldness and determination to expand their territory and their religion of Catholicism. However, there are several underlying reasons on why Spain waged a war against England. The decision of King Philip II to launch a fleet of naval ships towards the North have been influenced by many consecutive incidents that demonstrated the looming conflict between Spain and England.

During the 16th century, Spain and England used to be allies in advancing a common cause which was to expand their respective colonies. But it was their similar objectives that instigated the manifestation of a strained relationship between the two countries. More so, the relationship between England and Spain became more tensed when Philip II married Mary I, a sibling of Queen Elizabeth I, making him a “titular King of England.

” This union highlighted the difference in religious beliefs of a Catholic and a Protestant that raised eyebrows in the English Monarchy who doubted the real intentions of Spain with England. In retaliation, England gave support to the Dutch uprising against Spain. Several black propaganda were launched that criticized King Philip II and the Catholics in general as wicked human beings.

Then, the situation worsened when “Catholic Queen Mary of Scots”, the only remaining link of Spain with England in 1587, was executed for allegedly plotting against Queen Elizabeth I. Because of these events, the plan of King Philip II to conquer Europe was blocked in which motivated him to start a confrontation with England through an Armada (Mitchell, 2005). Unfortunately, Spain was defeated in this battle because of the unfavorable weather conditions and the fact that the English were more advanced with their warfare resources and strategy.

As a result, England’s victory entitled the English with the position of being the strongest and most influential in Europe. Meanwhile, for Spain, their loss became a learning experience that motivated them to enhance more their naval capabilities as well as their military tactics.


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