Spamalot Response Essay

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Spamalot Response

A play about a King on a quest for a magic grail, by the sound of that it seems like this is just some ordinary play, but no this is Spamalot. Spamalot is a comedy where everything is humorous and light hearted. There are many things I love about this play including the set and costumes, these two elements really made the play better to me. However, one improvement that could have been made was the lighting in the play.

As the curtains of the theater opened up I saw a big castle with huge wooden doors and a balcony. In this first scene I was blown away by the size of this set piece and was truly amazed by the detail. One of my favorite things about this set piece is how the characters were using it for more than just a castle, for instance when the front was turned into a cave. I thought it was very clever how the curtains dropped down from the balcony to create the cave. An interesting fact about the set is how it wasn’t just a flat backdrop to have in the background, it was three-dimensional, like the fact that there were windows that actually opened and closed as well as a real balcony that the actors went up on. My favorite scene was one where the Frenchmen were up on the balcony mocking King Arthur and the rest of the Knights of the round table, this was one of the funniest moments of the play. Another thing about this set that really amazed me was the realization of how much time it took to build this, but it made the difference and was completely worth it.

The one and only thing that I did not like about this play was the lighting. Throughout the play I wanted different lighting effects to surprise me but most of the time I felt like it was

just a general wash and nothing else. I think if there was a variety of different types of lights the play would have been more interesting. Although there was one lighting effect that I loved, when the light bulbs starting flashing along the perimeter of the stage I was surprised and mesmerized by this effect, it really improved the performance. Otherwise I felt the selection of lights was boring and dull. One scene where I think they could have used this variety of lights was when King Arthur came across the Knights of Ni. In this scene they were lost in the woods, I think a good effect would be to darken the lights slightly and maybe change the color of the light so it would feel more like they were in a forest.

The costumes were my second favorite thing about this play. My favorite costumes throughout the play were the Knights of Ni. I think it was a mix of them changing thepitch of their voice’s and the costumes that made me really enjoy their part. I loved how their cloaks fell down to the floor and covered their entire body, then they had the leaves on their shoulders which showed they lived in a forest with many plants and vegetation. Another costume I really liked was Herbert’s father, the long purple cape he wore reminded me of old cartoons. He looked exactly how I would picture him in my head. Although I liked these costumes the best, I thought all the costumes were amazing.

This play has many great aspects including the costumes and set that amazed the audience. Although this play was very good I did feel there could have been an improvement in the variety of lights used during the performance. To sum up the entire play it was funny every second of the way and was a show to go see.

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