Southern Discomfort Essay

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Southern Discomfort


1. What forces for change are evident at the Oconomo plant? Jack Ripon the chief executive officer of the Oconomo plant is concerned about the high operational cost, he wanted to decrease the operational cost to keep the profit for the company, and he planned to establish another plant where the operational cost could be low down in Mexico. Jack sent Jim Maleschowski to go down to the Mexico branch to find out the operational cost for establishing a new plant there and to submit the report back to him. 2. What is the primary type of change needed— changing “things” or changing the “people and culture?” Can the Wisconsin plant be saved by changing things alone, by changing people and culture, or must both be changed? Explain your answer. The primary type of change needed is to ‘change’ culture and people. In this case, the organization should be changed in a different place. The culture change pertains to the organization as a whole, new behavior and skills would be guiding people in the new workplace.

Also, the people might be changed because a problem for some of them would be to move to a new place. However, Wisconsin might be saved because primarily they could get the operational cost reduced and keep the company operating. But they had to face so many new challenges. All they needed to do was diminish costs in order to maintain reasonable prices and find out the most suitable organizational change for the company and the company could be saved. 3. What do you think is the major underlying cause of the union leaders’ resistance to change?

If you were Jim Malesckowski, what implementation tactics would you use to try to convince union members to change in order to save the Wisconsin plant? The lack of understanding and trust and uncertainty are the major causes of the union leaders’ resistance to change. If Jim Maleschowski would use the participation tactic, that involves users and potential resisters in designing the change. Also, he could use the coercion tactic to force employees to change when needed. Lastly, he needed to upgrade management support to do innovations.

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