South Korea's Apparel Industry in the Future Should Focus on Globalization

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South Korea’s apparel industry to come out from the low tide, globalization vision, come up with a concrete and realistic strategic plan, more than ever a more urgent time. Into the 21st century, the globalization of the Korean apparel industry has not only requested to stay at the prospect level, but rather to the realities of real approximation of the industry demands. Even in this case may be, the industry has no significant changes occur, it is now an undeniable fact.

Such circumstances, the textile and clothing industry had to face the same problem: only on domestic demand has been very difficult to expect more in the future. To solve this problem, no matter what methods seem to be to help overseas needs. Governmental departments and associations are fulfilling their own support functions, persistent long-term support enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions for designers and brands to enter the overseas market opportunities.

But the garment sector but does not sell, they generally think that the Government’s lack of understanding of the apparel industry, the reality is that some design work carried out in the country are beyond their grasp, let alone go to foreign markets.

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As a result the government is unable to achieve the desired input and output contrast. Is preparing to participate in overseas exhibitions of a garment, too, that “participation fees spent a small fortune in spending, but because the Government’s support for standards and other factors, allows companies to give up a lot of other options, but even so there is no efficiency.

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This also explains why from one side, many enterprises do not intend to apply for assistance to the Government. Because the Government and cognitive differences between enterprises, making clear focus on global goals and objectives of the center of lack of support, so the continued support from the government was looking into the budget to waste, the efforts of companies can only stay in self-reliance level. Therefore, the company criticized it at low tide, the dilemma is the dilemma.

On the occasion of South Korean textiles Keizai Shimbun published 1000 occasion hair, combing over the past 21 years in the garment industry in Korea, many things, in reality it is due to confirm the course of the past, hindered the development of the root causes can be drawn is government and business, textiles and clothing sector is deep-seated lack of understanding and mutual mistrust. South Korean garment industry in these 21 years, experienced two major difficulties, one was the 1997 Asian inancial crisis, and the other one was the 2008 world financial crisis. Through the 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup, has also tried to globalization, have become globalized countries face a chance. Financial crisis has left a huge clothing industry scars, and even the Seoul Olympic Games and World Cup in Japan and South Korea failed to arouse the special needs of the rigid demands, which also makes the vision of globalization frustrated. Shortly after Japan and South Korea World Cup in 2002, when a business operator said: “World Cup Special Needs?

Although we can not simply judge a conclusion, but such as sales rose concrete, real change is not. Often greater expectations , the greater the disappointment. “remarks, can not be relieved for a long time listener. Similarly, after the Seoul Olympics in 1988 there have been the same reaction. At that time, the media have accused the “This is a money-losing business, South Korea’s lack of experience operating international competition. ” But when the time came in 2009 at this point in time, and then look back at all the past, by no means a “no results” can be conclusive.

Although the financial crisis cloud has not disappeared, but with the fashion industry, virtual image is to retreat, “will lay a solid foundation firmly,” this self-reflection from the bottom of the industry has become increasingly high-style voice, and before the new atmosphere is completely different form . While no one can know the future, but sometimes through the forecast on the upcoming events is to establish a prevention program should not be ignored. (ArticlesBase SC #2231939)

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South Korea's Apparel Industry in the Future Should Focus on Globalization
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